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  1. camillel

    Older Cat

    I have a 14yo female Tourtise Cat. She was always heavy ( 22 lbs). Now  she is starting to loose weight. She is eating, drinking , playing normally but has lost  at least  8 lbs. Any suggestions. Spoke to vet and everything is normal.
  2. camillel


    HELP. I had David read the article on declawing and told him I am so against it. He said fine but Salem has to stop clawing the furniture and curtains. She is only 13 weeks old so we are being patient. She has every toy available. We have the scratch tree and the cardboard scratch post. She...
  3. camillel

    Great Laugh

    OK I think I am putting this in the right place. Last night I picked up a new potty, food dish and kitten food. I am picking up my new kitten Salem tonight. An hour after getting home I realized I have not seen my 2 cats ; they usually sit on the couch with me and watch TV. Well, I went upstairs...
  4. camillel

    New to Forum

    Hi! New to forum but not new to cats. I have 2 domestic Tabbies Tigger ( female) 12 yrs old and Sam Adams (male ) 8 yrs old. I rescued these 2 when they were at least 2 yrs old. The reason I am joning is because in 6 weeks I am adopting a kitten who is 4weeks old now. Never had a kitten all my...