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  1. carriej

    Panicking - Garlic

    Ok so I did a stupid, stupid thing. I cooked dinner and used a whole garlic glove in the recipe, chopped in half. Long story short, left pan on counter while eating at table (10 feet away) with the garlic and remaining oil left in it. In the time it took me to eat, my 3 cats cleaned the entire...
  2. carriej

    Searching for Siamese Breeder (Canada)

    Hi there, I recently lost my 6 year old male blue point  Siamese (in display picture). He was my heart cat, and I am going to miss him for the rest of my life :( He made me fall in love with the breed, and I've always said I don't think I would ever be without a Siamese. I adore the breed...
  3. carriej

    Alternatives to expensive Urinary SO food

    Hi folks, I have had my kitties (all boys) on Urinary SO food as two of them have had crystals. However, at 100$ a bag it's not practical for me to feed three cats this food. I am continuing to feed it - but in all honesty 100$ is a steep price for a bag of cat food that doesn't even have that...
  4. carriej

    New Member

    Hi Folks! Decided to join a kitty cat forum :) ... I figure I'm on forums for everything else including my pet fish, so why not my kitties! I have three beautiful boys - Prince Charming (Orange kitty, will be 7 in April) Pickle (Gray and White, will be 5 in May) Petri the Assassin...