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  1. nurseangel

    Featured CONTEST: WE'RE BACK! ...PICTURE OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL!. Cats with their friend/s

    Why not an entry? They are both lovely pictures; chose one and go for it! :clap:
  2. nurseangel

    Ibuprofen Accident

    I would call the vet's office, explain that I couldn't afford to bring my cat in for a visit, and express your concerns. It never hurts to try. Since you already visited them, maybe the vet will be sensitive to your situation. IMHO, the grooming may be from not feeling up to it for a bit...
  3. nurseangel

    Experiencing weird glitches on the site

    You're welcome. :thumbsup:
  4. nurseangel

    Question of the Day, Friday, April 2

    Pumpkin or sweet potato pie. They are the same thing.
  5. nurseangel

    theme songs for your cats

    Daisy - because of her expressive eyes. Like when we heard a mountain lion outside and she turned to me with this horrified, "Mama, do something," look on her face. The theme song from Jeepers Creepers - Peek-a-Boo
  6. nurseangel

    Experiencing weird glitches on the site

    I am having a bit of weird glitches, too. Not the same as yours, just super slow and lots of buffering. I have flagged your post, so a mod can take a look at the problems you are having. Some of our Team (all eyes are on you @AbbysMom) are really good with the computer issues.
  7. nurseangel

    Our 5 month old looks so small

    Hi, it's nice to meet you. :hellocomputer: This is just my opinion, but it may be that he is just a naturally small cat. My mom's cat, Misty, looked like a kitten for her entire twenty or so years of life. She had regular visits to the vet, and her weight remained at around 6 lbs. My Elsie...
  8. nurseangel

    Announcement Our Moderator Tricia (jcat) Passed Away

    Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. I hate COVID and how we have lost so many lives to it, and for those of us left behind in its wake. Especially those like you who have lost a loved one. Tricia was a wonderful person. She was a true champion for animals, caring for...
  9. nurseangel

    I've been taking care of a stray cat

    I'm so sorry that you are going through this. It is true that some cats never get along, but in my situation it comes from one knowing they can bully the other. (Speck and Daisy have to be kept separate because Speck's mind has slipped a little; Elsie is so terrified of Rue that they can't...
  10. nurseangel

    Lovey our sweet boy

    Rest in peace, your sweet boy. Take comfort in knowing he had so much love and kindness in his life.
  11. nurseangel

    Hello! From Bella and Amy

    Bless you and your sister for everything you've done for kittens and cats. Welcome to TCS! I think you will enjoy our friendly site!
  12. nurseangel

    I think I found my lost indoor cat after 3 years living with a feral cat colony - will she ever be the same?

    I've read that cats remember things up to 10 years. Not sure if it's true, but I took my cats off the Temptation treats for about three years. I decided to surprise my cats by asking my Secret Santa to send treats for Christmas. As soon as the bag came out of the box, they couldn't wait for it...
  13. nurseangel

    I think Mileena might have some Abyssinian in her.

    I don't know much about breeds, but she certainly is beautiful. I love those long ears and yellow eyes. She is quite exotic looking. It's nice to meet you, BTW! Welcome aboard to both of you!
  14. nurseangel

    Vote for your 15 Favourite Curious Cats Photos.. Picture of the Month Jan 2021

    So many cats seem to be helping their furfamilies, by guarding from dangerous predators such as (lobsters! :paranoid:) or making sure the water is the appropriate temperature for drinking, the computer work is complete, the tissue box is up to factory standards, and the barber has done a great...
  15. nurseangel

    What's on your Anti-Bucket list?

    I would not enjoy the falling or the landing. When I went to the top of Chimney Rock, I wanted to get down and slither on my stomach like a snake. It looks like a big rock perched on top of a much smaller rock. I hope the picture shows below. Really, it's much worse than the pictures...
  16. nurseangel

    Telogen Effluvium (Stress-Related Hair Loss)

    I'm sorry you're going through this. I was noticing a lot of hair loss recently and was wondering if it was stress-related. I switched my brand of Biotin, because I suspected it of being inferior. A nurse, who was a patient, mentioned another nurse who has had hair loss since having COVID. I...
  17. nurseangel

    What's on your Anti-Bucket list?

    Go hunting. Go back to college. Go down the Grand Canyon on a donkey? (Not sure if I got the place or the animal right...but I ain't doing it.)
  18. nurseangel

    Vote for your 15 Favourite Curious Cats Photos.. Picture of the Month Jan 2021

    All so cute! I say this in almost every photo comp, but please vote for your own cat(s)! :hyper: :cheerleader::banana1:I hate to bring out the dancing banana, but now I have your attention! :thumbsup: @Lulu&Finn, I have been studying Lulu fixing the lamp, and am trying to make up my mind if I...
  19. nurseangel

    cabin fever

    I'm so jealous of the snow (though my 18 month old nephew broke his femur when he was taken out to play in the bit we had, so I guess it can happen at any age). I so envy you being able to stay home. I would read, and cook, and then read while I was cooking! I've never tried to grow root...
  20. nurseangel

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    The nursing home where my mom is went from nine to sixty-three residents in one day. I do not know how many staff; I was just told that some of them had it when it was reported to me. My mom was given her first dose of the vaccine and then tested positive two hours later. She is extremely...