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  1. Maurey

    Bravecto Plus

    Has anyone here used Bravecto Plus on their cats? What was your general impression of it? I use a combo of Advocate and Drontal every 3 to 4 months preventatively (every month in summer as we spend weekends in the suburbs with family, where they get to go outside with supervision), which is...
  2. Maurey

    The duality of cat

  3. Maurey

    Black whiskers and hairs on a red male cat

    Hey all! Was curious if anyone could give me some info on why Chippy-boy has black hairs on him. He obviously has lentigo, and I’ve read that it can affect whisker colour, so that makes sense, especially given that, from what I can tell based off his old photos, he didn’t have them in the past...
  4. Maurey

    Resident cat is feeling less confident in herself as new cat settles in

    Jumanji, my resident cat, has always been the careful sort. When it was just me and her, she was perfectly happy and confident in her space with me, and little bothered her. She's always been wary of unfamiliar people, but that's neither here nor there, for the current situation. Her...
  5. Maurey

    Taking a Maine Coon neuter to his first show since late 2018 -- advice?

    Hey all! I'm taking my boy, Chips, to a show being held this weekend in honour of his breeder, who recently passed away -- he was her favourite cat, and she had always wanted to represent her cattery as a neuter, but she never got the chance due to Covid restrictions. He's a retired stud, and...
  6. Maurey

    Are bonito flake pet treats any different to normal bonito flakes?

    Hey all! Recently bought a bag of bonito flakes from Cat-Man-Do when ordering some other stuff internationally, and both my cats go crazy at having some flakes a few times a week. As they're branded for pets and I have to import 'em, it works out fairly expensive, as compared to bonito sold for...
  7. Maurey

    Small scabs near base of ear

    Hey all :> I know I’m just overly worried about Chippy boy with the week he’s had, but wanted some outside assurance, just in case. These small scabs are next to both ears and seem to be completely dried up without any smells, though I do have cat-safe disinfectant on hand if the scabs come off...
  8. Maurey

    Introducing cats after a traumatic event

    Hey all. Unfortunately, Jumanji’s wonderful breeder very suddenly passed this Saturday. As such, we’ve all been in a flummox finding homes for her cats. Fortunately, homes have been found for everyone, but I didn’t have it in me to let Jumanji’s father, Chips, go to someone none of us (the...
  9. Maurey

    Fish tongue nutrient content

    Hey all! Slightly weird question, I know! The place I normally order my ocean-caught fish from has recently added cod tongue to their listings. As I'm able to only give my cat fresh salmon or other wild-caught fish around twice a month (and she does enjoy seafood when I'm able to give it to...
  10. Maurey

    What could cause localized inflammation/gingivitis around a single tooth?

    Hey all! :> Was hoping to make a more lighthearted and fun post today, given that it’s Jum’s second birthday today, but I consciously noticed that Jum still(?) has localized inflammation/gingivitis around one of her teeth. Is this most likely early FORL, or is there a less insidious thing that...
  11. Maurey

    Jumanji the Maine Coon

    Hey all :> I'm fairly new around these parts, though I've come across the forums in the past. I'm fairly new to having a cat around, just over a year now, but I've been planning and researching for my girl for the better part of 10 years now. In any case, this little 6.2 kilo (~13.5 lbs)...