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  1. Butter Butt

    Making my indoor/outdoor cat strictly indoor

    My cat had been going indoors and out at night for almost a year now, but November 28 I realized she wasn't in my bedroom, I leave my window open so she could jump in and out. So I realized this and the panic began. Long story short she was outside all morning and came back at night which was...
  2. Butter Butt

    Does My Kitten Play Too Rough Or Is Our Kitten Too Young?

    Hello, i posted previously on here about finding a shy cat, although i didn't get a shy cat i got pepper who is very active and loves to play, and i love to play with her she's very loving and loves to cuddle at night. Problem is 14 days later my older sister (she's 20?) Got a free kitten, and...
  3. Butter Butt

    How To Find A Kitten With A Shy But Clingy Personality

    I recently had a cat that ran away, he was very sweet, and i loved his personality because i myself am very shy and stay in my room a lot and loved to come home to him sleeping in my bedroom because i have had anxiety when i go to school and me worrying about my health. So my question is for...