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  1. Olympia7

    What Is The Best Kitty Litter For Ckf Cats?

    Docs Mom, we actually have been using pee pads for yrs under her litter box, and just recently started putting them on the floor near the litter box where she goes, it's been working out well for now, but maybe I need to use a different box all together, this just started within the past week...
  2. Olympia7

    What Is The Best Kitty Litter For Ckf Cats?

    My husband said he saw Simone eating the cat litter this morning, and she has been peeing outside her litter box, the litter we use is made of question is which kitty litter is best for cats with Kidney failure? I did take her to the vet yesterday and they tested for a UTI, the vet...
  3. Olympia7

    Simone With Her Canine Siblings

    She's doing well on the Sub Q's, yesterday she was actually purring during the administration of the fluid!
  4. Olympia7

    Evo Replacement

    My husband got to the store and they said they didn't have it...the store was listed on Dr Elsey's site as one that carried the food, so I still have not found it yet!!
  5. Olympia7

    Need Advice

    I haven't tried toppers yet, I did order the freeze dried duck treats yesterday from chewy so I could try it on her food today!
  6. Olympia7

    Need Advice

    I did the food processor yesterday and that didn't work for her, I have cut it up before too, I guess it's just not her thing!! I tried the weruva truluxe from a recommendation in another thread, and I was hopeful as she has had some weruva before and she did eat some of that but it was the...
  7. Olympia7

    Need Advice

    UGH, I am having the hardest time finding a decent food for Simone, we've gone through at least 6 new brands if not more, and she will seemingly like a food but then next feeding she turns her nose up, I really messed up with the Weruva Truluxe as it is shreds and she hates them, I've been...
  8. Olympia7

    My New Baby

    OMG, so fluffy and cute...congrats!
  9. Olympia7

    Which Is The Best Litter To Control Odor And Safe For The Cat?

    Worlds best litter because it is dust free, septic friendly, and amazing odor control!!
  10. Olympia7

    Vet Bills

    Are You Having Trouble Affording Your Pet? : The Humane Society of the United States
  11. Olympia7

    My Other Furchild, Mikey.

    He's so cute!!
  12. Olympia7

    Building A Catio

    Ooooh how cool, can't wait to see it when it's done!!
  13. Olympia7

    Cat Panther And Mavis

    Beautiful kitties....
  14. Olympia7

    Evo Replacement

    I found it at pet supplies plus, so hubby is supposed to pick it up for me on his way home, I hope she likes it!!
  15. Olympia7

    Evo Replacement

    That's great, thank you for the reply, going to add it to my list of foods to find at the pet store!!
  16. Olympia7

    Do You Supplement With Fish Oil?

    Thank you!!
  17. Olympia7

    Evo Replacement

    For those of you who feed only canned foods has anyone tried the Cornucopia cat food yet? Cornucopia Pet Foods - The Power of Preventative Nutrition
  18. Olympia7

    Evo Replacement

    How do you like the Dr. Elsey's?
  19. Olympia7

    Do You Supplement With Fish Oil?

    Which CKD group is it on FB? If you don't mind me asking?