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    4 day old kitten colour

    Does anyone know what colour this is?
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    Our holiday cat

    This cat always comes to see us on holiday. We've missed him this last year as we couldnt fly anywhere. (he looks like a him, i dont actually know!) What colour is he considered? Hes absolutely massive in real life
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    Our 5 month old looks so small

    Our boy is coming up 5 months and still looks like such a kitten. He seems soooo small. Not sure on his weight at the moment. Hes the blue and white one. How big does everyone elses 5 month olds look?
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    Best odour control litter?

    As the title says really. Our litter trays STINK even with cleaning as soon as they go (while we're at home) i wash the whole thing weekly with the hose and soap too. Even when theres no mess in them they stink. Currently using Tigerino clumping litter. Thanks
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    Neutered cat care

    We got our boy neutered today and he completely and utterly FREAKS out with the soft collar on. He was leaping all over the house so i took it off cos i thought he'd damage himself jumping like that. He licks the wound a bit though. What can i do to stop him?
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    Kittens ear been hurt

    We have 3 kittens in the house (our 2 bonded pair) and my mums. My mums is 2 months older than our girl and a lot bigger/stronger. It looks like her ear has been scratched or bitten in play. Mums cat plays too rough with her so we now shut him away when we arent at home. Is there there...
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    Kitten constantly hungry

    Our 3 month old kitten is constantly looking for food. I was feeding her unlimited but found she kept having very runny stools so i did reign it in a bit and stools firmed up. Whenever anyone goes in the kitchen shes miowing for food and when she gets it shes gobbling it down like she hasnt been...
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    Think things are getting better

    I posted about having to suddenly look after my mums kitten as well as our own 2. Our boy and mums boy are still hissy at each other if one gets too close yet they seek each other out and go where the other is 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ im assuming by being on the tree together theyre tolerating each other better.
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    Never known such tolerant, good natured kittens

    Let me preface this by saying we dont allow the kids (esp this littlest one) to hurt the cats. Tinga and Skye actively seek out our 4 kids amd want to lay in, on, or next to the stroller any time our toddler is in it. They even go for little rides on the hood as im rocking the pram.
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    Suddenly got a 3rd kitten

    We have 2 kittens (13 week male and 9.5 week female). My mum has a 16 week male and has had to move suddenly and the new temporary place wont allow animals so ive said i'll keep him until she can have him back. Apart from getting them all neutered can anyone forsee any major problems with this...
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    Kitten with constant bad stomach

    One of our kittens has has very bad diarreah to the point there was blood one time. Now its just extremely soft and not formed at all. She gets it all on her feet, legs, tail (to to bath her twice) then it ends up all over the house on carpets, sofas, kids toys etc which obviously poses health...
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    Part russian blue or just blue moggie?

    This is my mums kitten. He about 4 months old now. Does he bear any resemblence to a russian blue? Apart from the colour lol
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    Will she medium haired?

    Do you think she'll have longer hair than a short haired cat? Also what colour is she? Her patches seem to be a mix of black and tabby kind of markings 🤷‍♀️
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    Is it true kittens wont overeat?

    We're transitioning over from what they came to us on (felix wet pouches) they LOVE their food and have taken to the new food with gusto (carny kitten cans) i dont really go by the guidelines on how much to feed. I tend to base it on each individual animal but will a kitten just eat and eat? If...
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    Wormers and flea treatment

    What wormer and flea treatment is best for young kittens? (12 and 8 weeks) Thanks
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    Introducing 2 young kittens

    So our 1st kitten we've had for 3 days now and hes 12 weeks old. The 2nd kitten we got tonight is only 8 weeks old. We've put the new kitten in my daughters room with litter tray, food/water. We did let them smell each other while she was in the crate and there was no hissing or anything. The...
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    Our new kitten

    Hi everyone, we got our new kitten a couple of days ago and hes just the sweetest thing. Soooo outgoing and playful for being in a new home.
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    What colour/pattern is our kitten?

    This is our handsome chap. Hes such a lovely outgoing little boy. What is his colouring and pattern? Does it have an official name? Hes part ragdoll i believe.