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    Keep a Word, Add a Word

    Sick day
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    Food aggression towards us

    Sorry I don’t have any useful input, but that was very well written- made me chuckle as it’s very relatable- I’ve had to grab human food from my cats mouth bc I left a plate or kitchen counter unattended a bit too long. My cat is also very food driven, this May very much happen to me in the...
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    Ziwi Pet and constipation?

    well, @Maurey I just googled rabbit poop and korra cat's poop is def on the larger end of rabbit poop. guess I should be concern! although I was thinking the other day, that maybe she doesn't poop bc her litter box is "dirty". its not really dirty, I clean it out every two-four days (and being...
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    Ziwi Pet and constipation?

    ugh I'm still figuring this out. its been 2 weeks since we made our transition from 50/50 wet dry to 100% wet with added "mashed in" extra water. of these 2 weeks, for about the first 3 days of the 14 day effort , she was regular on a 24 hr basis, and her poop was longer and softer. then the...
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    Ziwi Pet and constipation?

    @Juniper_Junebug i add extra water in her meals but I don’t “mash” it in with the food- maybe I’ll try that; bc sometimes she’ll just eat the solids and not touch the water; though she doesn’t do this with rawz food (morning meal) only with ziwi (evening and night meal). Thanks for the insight!
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    Ziwi Pet and constipation?

    Hi all was wondering if anyone else here fed their cat ziwi pet wet or air dried cat food, and how their cat bowel movements were doing on it? I’ve been feeding mine a mix of ziwi dry and wet 50/50, and she seems to be more constipated on it than other foods (haven’t tried many bc of her...
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    I Think My Cat is Passing Away and I Don't know why

    What if @jefferd18 this is avatar’s new normal? He is a bit extra struggle than before? although he sounded bad for a bit, him hanging on also sounds like he’s not trying to die and we’re all just misunderstanding him. What if he has a new sickness symptom- bad circulation, to add to his list...
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    I Think My Cat is Passing Away and I Don't know why

    Nothing to add here but just want to give you a hug. without a doubt no matter what happens, You did avatar right.
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    Who else have just one, indoor cat ?

    We have one cat only. She’s my first ever cat. I’ve had her for about 8 months. She was a stray that had a litter and then got found so then I adopted her. None of her kittens are with her, I’m sure those got adopted fast. None were around when I came to adopt her. Anyways, she’s 3. She’s a...
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    Food Allergies and Asthma?

    Oh also, my cat has a chicken allergy and we avoid turkey for her as well, bc just seem too similar. I could test it to be 109% but why ruffle feathers when what I’m doing already works. We feed her turkey and chicken previously when we were in the thick of trying to figure out *** was wrong...
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    Food Allergies and Asthma?

    They say chicken, fish, beef and milk are the top allergy culprits. If it’s a food allergies I’d start with avoiding those four. And go from there. You say food allergies but you don’t specify...are you 100% it’s not in his food? It could be an environmental allergy and those are harder to deal...
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    Previous near-feral kitten trapped in December, gave her a home, she just escaped

    This is great! I had no idea getting a feral cat back was so hard, even when they’ve lived with you! Good to know.
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    How often do you play with your cat?

    2- 10 min sessions before breakfast and dinner meals, but I don’t think it’s enough. Sometimes it’ll be 15 mins but yeah, I’d like to do more but just so busy. After dinner and around lunch, she’ll get rub downs from my partner for a good 30-45 mins so does that count as okay? I’ll feel better...
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    @Charlee could you provide an update on how Charlee is doing? I'm going through a constipated kitty, and just wanna get more familiar with the scenarios...
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    Constipation Remedies?

    @daftcat75 thanks for that long write up, it just saved me from a post. I'll try the optagest option. korra is only 3-4 and seems to be having constipation issue. I thought it was bc she was on a high protein diet, so she was pooping less, like cats on raw food (even though I'm not feeding her...
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    Mimi was in the shelter a really long time

    I love this progress updates! Keep them Coming! @Jerseymeow
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    Dental Costs in Your Area?

    Wow that’s about how old Korra is. She was 2-1/2 when I got her (a year ago) but again how can you really know for sure. My vet didn’t quote us for an extraction or X-ray. So there’s a real Chance my quote could get to that $600 range. Maybe they’ll let us know when they see her for her blood...
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    Dental Costs in Your Area?

    @TardisDance How old is your cat ?
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    Choosing a new vet and pet insurance

    I have pumpkin. And my friend has pet assured. I didn’t go with pet assured bc they require participating vet and my vet doesn’t participate, and i like my vet so didn’t want to switch. (My friend says otherwise but pet assured website had a participating vet list, maybe more vets in certain...
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    Dental Costs in Your Area?

    @lavishsqualor thanks for asking this question! boy was I surprised by your pricing. glad everyone else provided the price range- though it seem like 900 wasn't that far off. I live in the states, Colorado to be exact. My primary vet, who's a general vet that sees all animals, does do dental...