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  1. Olympia7

    What Is The Best Kitty Litter For Ckf Cats?

    My husband said he saw Simone eating the cat litter this morning, and she has been peeing outside her litter box, the litter we use is made of question is which kitty litter is best for cats with Kidney failure? I did take her to the vet yesterday and they tested for a UTI, the vet...
  2. Olympia7

    Looking For Cat Sitter Recommendations

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good cat sitter in the Rochester Hills, MI friend is looking for someone to care for her cats as she is disabled and needs someone to help with vet visits, pilling, feeding, and cleaning litter!!
  3. Olympia7

    Feeling A Bit Nervous

    This will be the first day I have to administer the subcutaneous fluid therapy, I hate needles, and I don't want to screw up...I hope Simone is a good girl for me while it's being done!!
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  5. Olympia7

    Hello From The East Coast

    Hi, I have one cat named Simone...I have already posted in the nutrition thread hoping to get some advice on canned foods, looking forward to sharing pics and cute stories with all of you about our cats!! :wave3:
  6. Olympia7

    Need Advice

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm looking for advice on canned foods for a cat with kidney disease, my cat Simone will be 14 yrs old this April, She just started Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy today, I'm looking for foods low in protein and phosphorus, any help would be appreciated!