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    Thanks Billie !

    Billie I had contacted you by your e-mail and before that I had contacted Hissy. I had wondered if you ever received the gift I had sent you. I never heard back from you or Hissy. I spent quite a bit of time and effort in picking out the gift (a cook book) for you and also twice as much money...
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    Hello to everyone

    Just wanted to say hello to all. I have had quite a time with tendonitus and had to stay off the cp for quite some time. It is improving but cant stay on too long. Thanks to Hissy for your prayers. I never got a chance to let you know I had to find a home for Rocky. I am afraid he was just too...
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    D.T. for Tuesday

    I wasnt sure if anyone could start this thread but thought I would give it a shot. Our long weekend was very uneventfull really. My hubby so tired from working two weeks straight. I found out though that I am accepted for the upgrading course I wanted to take and will start next week. I am...
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    Spraying Issue with Breeding

    I have always wondered how people who breed cats handle the problem of their male cat spraying? How do they stop them from stinking up the whole house. That would be a major issue for me if I was breeding. Just a question as I am not into doing that at all right now.
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    Going Under the Knife Tomorrow

    Just need a little support. My two Rocky and Gabby are getting fixed tomorrow. I am a little nervous about it.
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    A litter before spaying?

    As I am no expert on cats and their behavior etc. I just had to ask this question. I was told recently that a female cat should have a litter before she is spayed because it makes them much calmer and friendlier and satisfies their need for motherhood. Dont get me wrong I have no intention of...
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    How's Blue?

    I was away and since I have come back I dont seem to see many threads or posts from Blue. I hope she is ok and doing well. Does anyone know?
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    Kitty Camping Pics

    A few pics of Rocky and Gabby camping. First is Rocky the great jungle cat.
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    Just want to say bye

    I will be away for a couple of weeks and I just want to say bye for now. I will miss you guys and all the news. I will have to catch up when I get back. We are going camping and taking Rocky and Gabby with us. They have harness's and leads so they wont get lost. It should be interesting. Take care.
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    Can they tell what sex when nuetered or spayed?

    I was wondering if cats know what sex another cat is if it is spayed or nuetered. As there are not the hormones can they tell. Is this a dumb question?
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    How do you enter birthday on calandar?

    Just wondering how you enter your birthday on the calandar. I cant figure out how. Thanks
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    When will she get over it?

    On Friday night the kittens were so hungry and really crying for their food. I prepared it and as I was walking over to put it down Gabby ran in front of my feet. Trying to miss her I nearly fell and yelled out but not really at her. She took off and the food went flying everywhere. She hid...
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    Pee on coat -- Need some advice.

    One of my kittens(about 15 weeks) peed on my sons coat today. It was on the floor beside the closet. I dont know which one did it but I suspect that it might have been Rocky. One day he was going to pee in a big basket we had our mail in. I put him in the litter box and he went. I now have them...
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    Pics of Rocky and Gabby

    Thought I would try and post pics of my new babies. Rocky is the black and white and Gabby the grey and white.
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    Question about declawing

    I have heard recently that to declaw a cat is very bad for them. That they develop problems later on. I had a declawed cat once and he after a few years started to pee on the carpet. I was considering haveing my kittens declawed later on but now I am not so sure about it. Any advice would be...
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    Do you have chat on here?
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    Kittens acting unfriendly

    I have had one of my kittens two weeks the other just over a week. They at first were quite cuddley. But now they seem very aloof and dont really want that much to do with us. We have not frightened them in anyway.If anything they are spoiled. They just dont do the cat things I expect like go...
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    Fussy Kittens

    My kittens eat some of their food and then let it sit and wont hardly touch it. They cry and cry for something different.. It has not gone bad in the short time till they are hungry again but they wont touch it. I end up throwing it out and giving them more again and the whole thing starts all...
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    How young do they start to spray?

    My kittens are (male)12 and(female) around 10 weeks old. My vet wont nueter till the male is 6 mons. I am wondering if because he is living with a female that he would start to spray before he is neutered. I have no idea at what age a male will start to spray. Does living with a female make a...
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    Climbing up our legs

    Our new little kittens Rocky and Gabby think out legs are tree trunks. We will be sitting at the table or standing at the counter or something and all of a sudden one or both will land half way up our legs and proceed to try and climb the rest of the way. Needless to say it can be a little...