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    4 Year Old cat still weeing on my bed

    Hi everyone, It’s 5:46am and I’ve just been up for the last 30 minutes trying to save my bed sheets from smelling like cat wee. I woke up to a warm liquid on my legs and immediately I shouted to my partner “his done it again!”. My cat will be 4 years old in March and while this occurrence...
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    Are You Able To Shave Ragdolls?

    Hi, Coming to this forum for some more advice! Everyone has been a great help in the past. I have male ragdoll, he is 8 months now and from what I've read its shedding season and the loss of hair is becoming unbearable. He sleeps on my bed with me and my bed is constantly covered. As well as...
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    Ragdoll Shedding A Lot Of Hair

    Hi, I posted on this forum 3 months ago when I got my first kitten and he was extremely scared. Everyone's replies helped tremendously. It took awhile but he got over his shyness, although he still runs under the bed when my dad gets home or a visitor comes over. But when its just me and him...
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    14 Week Old Kitten Brought Home And Extremely Scared :(

    Hi Everyone, I just bought my kitten yesterday. A 14 week old male ragdoll. When I went and saw him at the breeder he was very shy and the breeder mentioned that. Then the day I picked him up he was meowing a lot when she was giving me the kitty to put in the carrier. She said he will be very...