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  1. littlekingtrashmouth

    Constant Peeing- I'm losing it

    Hello! I posted on here ages ago about the same problem that miraculously went away! But sadly two years later my little bed wetter has returned, and it seems with a vengeance. I recently moved back home after school and he LOVES it here. more windows, way bigger space, more people to love on...
  2. littlekingtrashmouth

    Watery Eye

    Hello all, My curious little kitty was waiting for me to get home the other day and stuck his head outside the door while I was closing it and got hit on the head with it. He seemed his normal playful self but then i noticed his eye was watering and he was eating less. He doesnt seem to be in...
  3. littlekingtrashmouth

    Urine Marking

  4. littlekingtrashmouth

    Urine Marking

    We had a family cat (who I gave up pacifers for when I was 2, so he was "mine") who was with us for 16 wonderful years! He was as good as cats could get. Very relaxed, but as he got older he lost control of his bladder & would throw up a lot, so the pee problem is nothing new, but you still...
  5. littlekingtrashmouth

    Fat Or Baby Weight?

    You're amazing wow that was all so helpful & sweet!! Took him to the vet today & he said just put a little food out for a few minutes then take it away, but I'm worried that will lead to scarfing down the food & puking so im going to go about giving him 1 cup in the morning to let him graze on a...
  6. littlekingtrashmouth

    Cats on Prozac?

    Im having a similar problem with my Im having a somilar problem with inappropriate peeing. My 7 month old kitty has been peeing on my bed very frequently. He also uses the litter box & I dont believe its any sort of infection. How were you able to wean off the prozac & how did you know it was...
  7. littlekingtrashmouth

    Fat Or Baby Weight?

    Do you have any suggestions on how to ease from free feeding to meals?
  8. littlekingtrashmouth

    Fat Or Baby Weight?

    do you have any suggestions on how to ease from free feeding to meals??
  9. littlekingtrashmouth

    Show me your fluffy cats!

    a fluffy tail & a fluffy belly from my little king
  10. littlekingtrashmouth

    Unflattering Kitty Pictures!

    Favorite picture of my crazy boy
  11. littlekingtrashmouth

    Fat Or Baby Weight?

    Ive been looking through the site & I think I'm just a paranoid cat mom trying to make sure my cat is happy & healthy!! My furbaby King is only 6 months old. He has always been muuch bigger than his age range but lately hes just looking kind of chunky. I know I've seen that he's still a kitten &...
  12. littlekingtrashmouth

    Urine Marking

    Thank you for this!! I truly got a lot out of this! I went ahead & ordered him a cat tree that has scratching posts & we play in & around the bed now! He has so many toys & i know he plays with them when im gone because i always find them scattered in new places! Hes a very loving cat & purrs...
  13. littlekingtrashmouth

    Urine Marking

    thank you so much for this!! havent heard much about the calming collars ill have to look into those!
  14. littlekingtrashmouth

    Urine Marking

    Hi all!! My 6 month old neutered kitten has recently picked up the horrible habit of peeing on my bed when I'm gone. I keep his litter box very clean & he still pees in the box but also on my bed. I've been around when he's used the litter box & he seems normal in there so I really dont think...
  15. littlekingtrashmouth

    Kitten Peeing On Bed

    he is neutered :/ he was neutered around 3 months old.
  16. littlekingtrashmouth

    Kitten Peeing On Bed

    My 6 month old kitten has very recently developed an issue with peeing on my bed. He'll do it when I'm home & when im gone. He's the only animal in the house & has a very large liter box that I clean frequently. It's begun within the past month & is becoming even more frequent. This week we...
  17. littlekingtrashmouth

    Gooey Eye Boogers

    Hello! I know were not supposed to ask medical advice I'm just asking for suggestions or ideas about this! Recently my almost 6 month old kitten has been getting really gooey white sticky eye boogers. I did a little googling and it says they might be blinking a lot or rubbing their eyes. I know...
  18. littlekingtrashmouth

    Nice To Meet Ya

    hello meet my sweet but crazy angel, Little King Trash Mouth! Name is from tv show Bobs Burgers but he is usually just referred to as King! He is a 7 pound 5 month old & seems pretty big for his age. I adopted King from the local humane society hes a domestic long hair & has the cutest hairy...