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  1. Moz

    Introducing Echo!

    Considering I've had Echo (Genevieve) for one month and one day, I figured it'd be a good time to finally introduce her. :lol2: It all started on October 20 when our local humane society posted a picture of a two month old black kitten named Dory. A very good friend of mine tagged me in the...
  2. Moz

    Cat accidentally hitches a ride from Canada to the U.S., gets back home thanks to a trucker with a big heart

    A wild story with a good ending! Article by the CBC.
  3. Moz

    Tango and Indy finally get their own introduction!

    It's been years since I've posted a thread in this subforum, so I figured it's time to finally show off Tango and Indy! :hyper: Indy is my first black (and white) cat. She'll be turning six in October. She was adopted in February of 2015 as a friend for Squee:rbheart: after Scratch:rbheart...
  4. Moz

    Worried About Tango Throwing Up

    I'm worried about Tango. She will be turning 3 in June and I would normally consider her to be a healthy cat. She's at a perfect weight for her size. The thing is, I've had her since October 2016, and I can't recall ever seeing her vomit until the middle of February. She threw up on February...
  5. Moz

    Cat Went Bonkers From Celery Seed

    We were going to do some canning this afternoon and some bagged spices were left on the counter. I went into the kitchen to find celery seed and turmeric all over the floor, counter, and all over Indy. She was rolling in the bags, licking the celery seed, and acting like she was on some really...
  6. Moz


    A few people may have seen two posts I made in the cat lounge yesterday. My 11 year old cat, Squee, had chronic lung problems since she was about 3 or 4. She visited the vet yesterday and seemed okay last night, but she took a turn for the worse a few hours ago. We were able to take her to the...
  7. Moz

    Silvervine/matatabi Sticks In Canada?

    I've just learned about silvervine/matatabi and I'd like to try giving it to the cats. Problem is, the vast majority of it seems to come from China, and to be honest, I don't want to wait a few months to get it in the mail. So, does anyone know where I could find the sticks in Canada? I've read...
  8. Moz

    Indy is at the vet after hours due to essential oils. Anyone have experience with this?

    Long story short is that Indy is now at our vet after hours after spilling essential oil (not mine!) on her fur (most of back right leg, part of back left leg). Woke up today to her smelling very strongly of lavender and her coughing very loudly. She didn't eat or drink at all (except for...
  9. Moz

    Lump on 6 month old kitten's right leg

    Hi everyone, The other night I was petting my 6 month old kitten, Indy, and noticed a lump on her right hind leg on the side of her thigh area. I felt her left leg in the same area and couldn't feel a bump like the one on her right leg. The bump, which feels slightly larger than a marble, is...
  10. Moz

    Resident cat isn't thrilled with new kitten. Should I re-introduce them?

    Last Tuesday my family and I adopted a 5 month old kitten from my local humane society. I wanted to adopt an adult, but I wasn't sure if our resident cat, Squee (8 years old), would accept an adult, so we chose a kitten. When we got Squee as a kitten, our older resident cat, Scratch (5 at the...
  11. Moz


    Last Monday, my family, Squee, and I had to say goodbye to Scratch, only three days before her 13th gotcha day.  Scratch was one of the most beautiful, funny, and sweetest cats I had ever met. She was a farm kitten who had the softest fur I ever felt. She made me laugh every day, whether it was...
  12. Moz

    Scratch has cancer.

    Hi all, Not sure how many of you remember me or my girls, but I posted here a lot several years ago (for the past few years, I forgot my password and thought the email associated with my account was hacked!). My oldest cat, Scratch, will be 13 next month, and little Squee (now she's not so...
  13. Moz

    Could this be ringworm?

    Hi all, I posted here on the 1st about Squee's occasional ear problems (tilting ear, scratching and pawing at it like she's cleaning it. This lasts a few hours and then it goes back to normal - this doesn't happen very often). That day, her ear was bothering her again, but for the first time...
  14. Moz

    What to do about ear when vet office is closed?

    Squee has had ear problems for... well, forever. Her ears tend to be waxy and she's had a few ear infections, usually in her right ear. Today I noticed that she was tilting her right ear quite a bit so I took a look at it. It's bright red inside, warmer than the other ear, and there's blood or a...
  15. Moz

    Members in OK, KS and surrounding states: PLEASE stay safe this weekend (possible tornado outbreak)!

    I know TCS has a few members from this area so I thought I'd mention this for anyone who hasn't heard anything yet, though I'm sure tornado warnings are very common . NOAA is predicting severe storms and a possible tornado outbreak through OK, KS, the mid-Missouri valley, and possibly...
  16. Moz

    Are cats supposed to have reflective eyes?

    Long time no post! I was just feeding the cats while they were waiting for me in the kitchen. It was somewhat dark in there and I noticed that Scratch's eyes were reflecting the light and Squee's looked normal. Then I realized (yes, for the first time in the five years we've had her ) that...
  17. Moz

    The Return of Scratch and Squee and their awesome cat house

    Oh boy, I haven't been around in ages! The kits and I are both doing well, leading fairly uneventful lives... well, about a month ago, we found Squee with a carpet thread hanging out of her bum! We took her to the vet and he managed to pull the string out after he felt that there wasn't much...
  18. Moz

    Cat reunited with family after 14 years Amazing!
  19. Moz

    Firefox help

    Yesterday when I turned on my computer, I noticed the fonts in Firefox (3.5) were different. Not all of them, just the font in my tabs and bookmarked websites. I've tried to change it (back to normal, whatever font that was) through Options-Content-Fonts&Colours, but nothing happens when I...
  20. Moz

    18 and can't post in IMO

    I turned 18 last week (and yes, it's in my profile) but I still can't post in IMO. Is there any way to change this?