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  1. EmersonandEvie

    Opinions on Dry Food

    I feed the cats dry food for their afternoon meal during the week. On weekends, they get only wet food (Friskies, Fancy Feast, Purina Pro Plan True Nature, Tiny Tiger- with some other brands if I can catch them on a good sale). I've been feeding them Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin (PURINA PRO...
  2. EmersonandEvie

    Friskies Out of Stock?

    I went to place a Chewy order a few weeks ago for some Poultry Platter. It was listed as temporarily out of stock. So was every single other pate 24 pack! Weird, but ok. I got a multipack of some other flavors that I was just hoping they would eat. Then I went to pate flavors...
  3. EmersonandEvie

    New to wet food, love some advice

    Check out the Fancy Feast Classic line and their Gourmet Naturals line!
  4. EmersonandEvie


    Fancy Feast, Tiny Tiger (Chewy's version of Fancy Feast), Friskies, and Purina Pro Plan: True Instinct are what I feed all three of mine. Sheba is good too. I would feed more of that if the little packs weren't so annoying to get open!
  5. EmersonandEvie

    Getting organized - Home, Health and Life

    We may or may not be moving soon, so I have been trying to do some deep cleaning/organizing vs regular household chores. We've been doing somehting big every weekend for a few months. This weekend was cleaning all the blinds. It's taken several hours but they look great! I get overwhelmed...
  6. EmersonandEvie

    Question of the Day, Sunday the 28th of February, 2021

    I just watched the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables last night for maybe the 20th time. It's my all-time favorite version, save for Nick Jonas' whiny! The Phantom of the Opera is another one I watch over and over. Several Disney moves as well- namely, The Aristocats and The...
  7. EmersonandEvie

    What age?

    I'm only 26, but 2020 was a great year, all things considered. I got my first "real" job and actually had PTO, sick leave, a livable salary, etc. If coronavirus had not happened, we would have gotten a lot more done traveling wise. I'd also probably be pregnant by now. Oh well, all in good time.
  8. EmersonandEvie

    Question of the Day, Friday, February 26

    Dexter spins in a circle as he runs to his mat :lol: :lol: :lol: Evie and Emerson just scream at me until I put their bowls down. Everyone eats immediately, with Dexter always finishing first (read: absolutely hoovering his food down) and searching for more food. Evie makes a mess and...
  9. EmersonandEvie


    Look into it! Some people have places that are an entire basement, a separate house, etc. It never hurts to check. It sounds like you have a good setup with your brother though!
  10. EmersonandEvie

    Help needed... cat needs to drink more water.

    I think she would respond better if you gave more wet food in general and watered it down less. Treat the puzzle toy more like a snack vs an entire meal. Do your bowls not have a lip or a little depth to them? Alternately, you could have a bowl designated for her chicken water.
  11. EmersonandEvie

    Turkish Van Cat

    Most cats love Fancy Feast!
  12. EmersonandEvie

    Help needed... cat needs to drink more water.

    Golly, that's a LOT of water! It probably was more a gruel to her. Remember that wet food is already about 70% water. Try 2 tbsp, max. You can also cut the amount of dry in her feeder puzzle and give her more wet instead. Two wet meals a day, plus 2 tbsp of water each time, is will give her...
  13. EmersonandEvie


    Have you considered looking into an AirBnB type situation? Some places allow you to rent for months at a time. I'm sure some would be pet friendly. Just thinking of alternatives to an apartment.
  14. EmersonandEvie

    Blood in vomit - ideas?

    Or at the very least, call the ER and see what they would advise.
  15. EmersonandEvie

    Blood in vomit - ideas?

    As long as he isn't throwing up constantly, I think you can wait for your vet next week. However, if he keeps throwing up, especially if there is more blood, I personally would go ahead and take him to ER.
  16. EmersonandEvie

    Blood in vomit - ideas?

    First, let me say that I am not a veterinarian nor qualified to give medical advice. My Emerson will sometimes (like once, maybe twice a year, not a constant thing) cough so hard that he spits up red/pink foam. I really think it happens because he irritates his throat so much that he causes...
  17. EmersonandEvie

    Hills Oral Care

    Go by calories. Somewhere on the bag should say how many calories are in a pouch of Whiskas and in a cup of the Hill's food. 7kg is about 15lbs. Most indoor cats need about 20 calories/lb of body weight per day. So, your cat should be getting right at 300 calories per day. Do the math and...
  18. EmersonandEvie

    How often do you clean out your fridge?

    Once a week, on trash day. Throw out any old produce, eggs that never got eaten and are past the carton date, questionable leftovers. We also don't keep our fridge jam-packed like a lot of people do. My mom's fridge is the worst. She will go weeks without throwing things out and then be...
  19. EmersonandEvie

    How do you fold towels?

    #2! My husband still can't/won't fold them
  20. EmersonandEvie

    Growing a Human - It’s a girl!

    This entire thread gives me the worst baby fever! I love your updates! <3