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  1. lalagimp

    How Does Your Cat Do On Gabapentin For Vet Aggression?

    We were given a new prescription and a love letter at the bottom of his report card today for his annual exam. He got his prozac renewed, his scripts for new inhalers, and he knows every time we do this that the needle is coming out for a blood draw. He grows at everyone, and when they all have...
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    Barry White

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    I Need A New Cbd Oil For Pain - Inconsistencies

    Holistapet has sent me 2 orders, and the first one was an amber color. This month it was sent to me with a slightly cloudy, greener hue. I don't know if it's going to be the same concentrate we've been used to with the new visual impurities. Their customer service has never been at the level I...
  4. lalagimp

    Shady Brook Farms Turkey Coupons Live

    go check out for the $1.50 off a package (ground not included) There is a limit of 2 prints, unless you know your way around. Keep in mind that most stores will accept 4 manufacturer coupons in one trip. I use their thighs with my rabbit from Hare-Today
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    I Need A Recipe Alteration

    I am missing 1 pound of ground rabbit when it comes to the batch I'll have to make in September. My math says 7 oz of chicken neck 11.5 oz of boneless chicken needed 3-4 ounces liver 1 teaspoon lite salt This just took me about a half hour to work the numbers and check my resources. Is there...
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    Have You Had A Cat Re-chipped Due To Migration?

    I've been thinking about this for at least two years, and I'm not sure what to do. The last time he was scanned for a visit, they couldn't find it. I insisted that it's there. Sure enough, it was. Like down by his armpit. Yep. Tommy Gargoyle used to be 21 lbs, and was chipped as a kitten...
  7. lalagimp

    I Am So Grateful For Return Policies

    I thought my cat would eat anything, and I was wrong. Before we started making raw, he was eating canned Nature's Variety Instinct duck. I've been making homemade raw with rabbit and turkey for over a year. He's always trying to eat whatever the girls have *he's not allowed* and he likes seafood...
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    7 Year Old Little Conure Is Laying Eggs In An All Female Flock

    :soapbox: :noway: WHY?! Koi Monkey has been with her bird for 7 years with the same style hidey the entire time, and she's laying eggs on the bottom of my cage. I submitted a thread on Avian Avenue so they'll tell me how long I need to leave the egg(s) with her before pulling them, and where...
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    My Cat's Oldest Guinea Pig Gets Surgery On Monday

    This is going to be a tough one. I knew last year that it was time to get Lily spayed, but Tommy's bills and Mu-Xi's bills all came through and then I changed everyone's diets and spend all my money each month. Boyfriend paid down some of the CareCredit for Tom's bills and now I get to charge it...
  10. lalagimp Acquired Blogpaws

    I really hope that I can trust what's going on with these companies. I knew Chewy was a gem and then we all got cautious when it said that Petsmart was purchasing them and how would things change. They really haven't. Now, Chewy has purchased the BlogPaws network I belong to, and I don't know...
  11. lalagimp

    Any Experience With Chewy's Goody Box?

    Goody Box - Free shipping at They're $19.95 and I'm really intrigued with the content on the grain-free box they're offering. Off topic, I think it's great they have one for small dogs.
  12. lalagimp

    Did You Ditch Canned Food In Favor Of Ezcomplete?

    I think I have a sample that I need to use on the girls. Their main canned is Nature's Variety Instinct chicken. I give them different stuff and they've eaten shreds. I just don't know if it'd be more cost effective making them food. Their cases are like $25 for 12 5.5 oz cans and the cans are...
  13. lalagimp

    He Snarf And Barfed The Giblets

    This isn't just me right? Has your cat downed a piece of neck, a whole heart, and gizzard, and then just yakked them up and the other cat grabs the neck piece and starts eating it? I don't think he kept everything down for more than five minutes. Then a pile of giblets on my floor and my bub...
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    Are You Ever That Person?

    I'm "that guy". I am the one who goes into the grocery store on December 22nd, and sees a huge new supply of thighs out that I eventually need for my cat food, and they're all dated December 31st. I take them all. I leave a big, gaping whole in that part of the meat department. I leave the...
  15. lalagimp

    How Much Do You Make, And How Long Does It Take You?

    This week I did about 18 lbs of meat, and then with fluids added, it was about 21 lbs of mix. It usually takes me 3 hours. I do the supplement slurry/ no premix. Half the meat is pre-ground. 1/4 of the meat goes through the grinder with the skins, the other 1/4 of the meat is cut into chunks...
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    Did She Pick Up A Cold?

    Yue had a dental cleaning done Thursday with her brother. She's been on Clindamycin twice daily since she got back. Yesterday evening she started sneezing shortly after her evening dose, but today she's walking around sneezing and has running, watery eyes as well. Is there something wrong with...
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    I'm So Busted

    I went out for a party today and there were lots of large dogs there. I get home and my cat is all over me. He's standing up on me from the edge of the dresser, pinning me down in mid air, sniffing everything in a loving and suspicious way. Momsth. Why were you playing wisth goggies? Tom. I...
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    Any Experience With Dr Elsey's Cleanprotein Kibble Line?

    Chicken Recipe - Dr. Elsey's You can only buy it on their website and trying to use their website runs me in circles something. We have the boys on raw and the girls are on Nature's Variety Instinct chicken kibble. I would love to get something that it more species appropriate without fruits...
  19. lalagimp

    Is There Any Merit To "mature" And "indoor" Formula?

    From my understanding it's all showing me that the companies are just making it as less caloric as your kitty's metabolism slows down. I'm also seeing it as less protein. Are they supposed to be getting less protein? I'm still feeding my girls kibble because they eat together and one won't touch...
  20. lalagimp

    It's So Hard To Find A Balance

    The boys were on Nature's Variety raw getting 1 chicken medallion a piece. We move to homemade raw with ground rabbit and chunk turkey, both getting 5 oz each. Well the first batch I made went all out with both 20% skin and all the optional eggs, so I cut that back and went to make a very lean...