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  1. scullynmaxmom

    my girl went completely blind last night, how do I best help her?

    She normally spends very little time on the floor - her bed is on a chair beside my bed, or she sits in the window perch. Right now she isn't navigating very well, and if I don't watch her constantly she'll walk right off the bed. I know I should put her on the floor but it is so drafty there...
  2. scullynmaxmom

    Cat suddenly walking "drunk", falling, vet says probably neurological

    My 17 yr old girl was doing very well until 5 weeks ago when she started drooling and wouldn't eat. After 3 expensive vet visits and meds that weren't helping, they finally found ulcers on her tongue, and tested for Calicivirus (it tested positive). I did Sub Q fluids, many meds, and syringe...