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  1. Gizmobius

    How Did You Come Up With Your Cat's Name?

    Gizmo - Short answer is I had just watched Gremlins and desperately wished I could have a real life mogwai named Gizmo. Since they’re unfortunately not real, I decided to name my next kitten that. The shelter had named him Stan so it got switched to Gizmo very quickly! Stevie - I always used...
  2. Gizmobius

    What Dry Food Do You Feed Your Cats?

    Another vote for Dr. Elsey’s. My cats are on a primarily wet food diet but they do get 1 tablespoon each as a snack to get them through the night.
  3. Gizmobius

    Anyone Feeding Pork?

    I buy pork tenderloin and grind it myself to use with EZ Complete and it's Gizmo's favorite when he gets a raw meal.
  4. Gizmobius

    Noises Your Cats Are Afraid Of

    I'm incredibly lucky to have two cats that aren't fazed by thunder, fireworks, or the vacuum. Stevie is practically fearless, I haven't seen her spooked by anything other than sudden loud noises (something falling out of nowhere, etc.) The one thing that Gizmo is afraid of is aluminum foil. He...
  5. Gizmobius

    How Does Your Cat Wake You Up In The Morning For Food?

    Stevie doesn't wake me up. She is very patient and kind and will wait for me to get up to feed her like a good little princess. Gizmo will walk all over me, specifically walking his 14lbs over my chest which any woman will tell you doesn't feel the best. If that doesn't work he'll knock whatever...
  6. Gizmobius

    Liz And Gizmo

    I love meeting fellow Gizmo kitties. :heartshape:
  7. Gizmobius

    What Won't You Eat?

    I'll pass on white chocolate and beets but that's about it.
  8. Gizmobius

    Fish Fish And More Fish Aaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh

    I believe the beef and chicken pates of Tiny Tiger have fish listed as an ingredient. Maybe you could try to sneakily transition him first into foods that are mostly meat-based while still having fish listed somewhere in the ingredients? And then if that works go from there!
  9. Gizmobius

    New Here, Food Suggestions

    Whole Earth Farms is an affordable wet food, in my opinion. They have plenty of flavors of pate style food along with some gravy varieties.
  10. Gizmobius

    Contest February Picture Of The Month: Stink-eye Cats

    Stevie - The look I get when I accidentally lock myself out of the house right when it's snack time.
  11. Gizmobius

    Chewing Toenails

    Stevie does this too, just the back nails. I always tell her "don't eat your feet" and usually try to distract her but I just assumed she was doing her own nail filing even though it baffled me since I'd never have a cat do that! I clip their nails about once a week/week and a half. Sometimes I...
  12. Gizmobius

    Keeping Remains Safe

    My childhood dog passed back in 2011 and my parents had her cremated. Her remains are also in a sealed plastic baggy within the wooden box for an extra layer of protection. She's been sitting in the same spot for the last seven years and everything seems to be fine. If you want even more...
  13. Gizmobius

    World's Best Cat Litter Question

    I use World’s Best and I absolutely adore it. One bag for two cats and two litter boxes lasts about two weeks just using it to top off both boxes. My female cat puts out tennis ball sized pee clumps and I bet if my boy did that too I’d get another week out of the litter but he waits longer to go...
  14. Gizmobius

    Feeding After Neuter

    Gizmo was neutered the day I adopted him, although he was 10 weeks and not 5 months but they never told me anything about withholding his food! I think it would be alright to give yours more if he's being such a troublemaker about it. :lol:
  15. Gizmobius

    Feeding Schedule

    Between 9-10am, Gizmo will get 2oz of raw and Stevie with get 1.5oz of wet for breakfast. There's a snack time between 3-4pm where they split a 3oz can. Dinner time is between 7-8pm where they either split a 5oz can of one brand or they each get 1/3 of a 5.5oz can of another brand (higher...
  16. Gizmobius

    Did You Change Your Cats Name?

    Gizmo was only 10 weeks old when I adopted him from the shelter but they had given him the name of Stan. I didn't like that name for a cat AT ALL and and had already been toying around with the idea of Gizmo as a potential name (I had just watched Gremlins for the 35893th time for Halloween) and...
  17. Gizmobius

    Foods Similar To Tiki Cat But Less Expensive?

    Against the Grain is similar. Most cases of 24 are $24, so $1 a can. My cats enjoy all the chicken varieties they have.
  18. Gizmobius

    American Journey Pate From Chewy?

    I feed American Journey in both the chicken and turkey pate flavors and have never had an issue. Although the last time I bought some was back in September so my cans are probably a completely different batch.
  19. Gizmobius

    Carrageenan In 2019?

    I follow quite a few of the same guidelines. I avoid carrageenan (but not all gums), I avoid fish, vitamin K, and potatoes and peas. I shoot for low carb too and try to keep a relatively low-mid range budget. You may have tried some of the following foods but I want to suggest them to you anyway...
  20. Gizmobius

    How Common Is Happy Drooling?

    Gizmo gets a little drool-y only when I'm handing out treats or when he's chowing down on his catnip plant. So I basically just compare it to our mouths watering when we're about to eat something good. :lol: