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  1. dustydiamond1

    Please read and help! Urgent need for rescue and fosters for homeless cats and kittens

    This is a Desperate Emergency due to the weather. Recently I started following a gentleman named Todd Lehman on Instagram. He is feeding 65 or so cats in numerous locations within 5 minutes of where he lives in Homewood Alabama, near Birmingham. There are a couple of large colonies, a couple of...
  2. dustydiamond1

    Careless Drivers

    This was yesterday, I'm the small gray car on the right, I was there first. That's Gypsys wheat grass on my roof. I've always said: "If you can't drive it, park it and if you can't park it, get rid of it" Wish I'd had it on a card to put on their windshield.
  3. dustydiamond1

    Safe stopover in northern GA or southern TN?

    Hi everybody, I have introduced JaneLuvsCat to this site, I invited her to post her story here for suggestions. She lives in Indiana and needs a safeplace for stop over for a shower and a nap on the way to Lakeland FL to rescue a beautiful abandoned boy named Midnight she fell in love with...
  4. dustydiamond1

    Terrified Of Fireworks. Advice Appreciated.

    Hi, first off I'm not sure where to post this so feel free to relocate. We live in town in a usually nice & quiet neighborhood. However there is 1 [email protected] basically next door who invites a horde for the 4th of July. They will probably start shooting off fireworks this weekend, continuing after...
  5. dustydiamond1

    What Preventatives Do You Do?

    We are visiting Dr.Kate next week for annual Rabies and FVRP. Gypsy got her FeLV shots in January. I was just wondering what are some of the vaccinations my fellow TCN'ers get for their kittys, also how often and what injection site. I am not asking for advice on what vaccines to give or not to...
  6. dustydiamond1

    Apl’s Barn Program Offers New Life For Feral Cats.

    This was in Apr 13th State Journal-Register newspaper and I just had to share. The Animal Protective League of Sangamon County has found an innovative solution to a problem that animal control centers have been struggling with for years. What to do with unadoptable, feral cats? Up until last...
  7. dustydiamond1

    Is It Safe?

    :hellosmiley: everybody, I brought home some lovely fresh organic carrots from meijers today and Gypsy was really interested in tasting the tops. I took them away from her til I hear back from you guys. Is it safe for her to nibble on them as long as I don't let her really eat much? She has...
  8. dustydiamond1

    Walkies Welcome, Photos And More, With Or Without Leashes

    With so many of us doing Walkies with or without harnesses or jackets. I figured there needed to be a thread to post pictures and exchange tips, so come on everybody lets get posting.
  9. dustydiamond1

    Just Wondering

    What are all the site member designations (Kitten, young cat etc...) and how do we move from one the other?
  10. dustydiamond1

    Do Love 'attacks' Freak Out Anyone Else?

    Things will be nice and calm with me stroking her, when out of the blu,shes not over stimulated) she will wrap her paws around my wrist, bring her back legs up in attack position and grab my hand with her mouth. She will 'gnaw' my hand without actually biting and 'knead' with claws on front...
  11. dustydiamond1

    Show Us The Whiskers

    Come and post whisker pictures :winkcat: Fuzzy ears are welcome too :lovecat2:
  12. dustydiamond1

    Resolved Photo Storage Limit Question

    Hi. Yesterday I tried to save a photo to one of my albums and was notified that I had used up too much space, I figured "Well ok, I guess I'll need to delete some". Today I tried to add a photo to someone elses thread but it wouldn't load. Does the limit only apply to the ones in my albums or...
  13. dustydiamond1

    I can't decide on which walking jacket to buy.

    Our girl Gypsy was a neighborhood stray for at least a year until she finally allowed us to give her a forever home (Nov 2016). Now that the weather has turned nice she really wants to go outside but after many vet visits and antibiotics for healed puncture wounds, plus the other dangers, going...