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    Mighty, mighty. Look who's 90!

    That would be the best Mom in the world, mine. She is in a beautiful assisted living place on the PA side of the Delaware River right across the river from the part of NY where her sister and other family live. Mom doesn't have Alzheimers but she doesn't see or hear very well. I sent her...
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    Question related to today's question of the day

    Does anyone remember 2 of the 1st diet sodas, Tab and Fresca? And how they tasted with the sacchrine? Anyone remember any other of the 1st others?
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    Treated myself

    I treated myself tonight. One oF things I miss about being married (the other thing is his taking car of the car) is Fri. night pizzas. Haven't done that with a date yet. So, tonight I ordered pizza & a salad to be delivered with what I wanted on it. Yumm! Now I have leftovers, tpp
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    Help Don't want to go on this date tonight!

    I have 45 minutes before I am supposed to meet a guy for a date. In the meantime I really got involved with Greg and last night we decided to be monogamous. I don't have this guys number because we were IMinng Instant messaging each other. Should I stand him up? I have been stood up from...
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    Anyone else like me and is sick of election commercials?

    I don't know if this is an IMO post, but I am just sick and tired of political ads. They are all so negative! I can't wait until it is after election day.
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    My Hand is worse than thought

    Finally got to see my doctor today & my fractured hand is worse than I thought. I have to see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP. Plus, I have a UTI. Got antibiotics for that. Then my BF is at the World Series game without me, OK only really just hit it off with him in the last 2 weeks so I can't...
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    Anyone need a couch?

    So I had the apt complex handyman come in and light my furnace pilot light and clean the rug where Butzie threw up. Then he asked me if that was my couch in the hallway. Last I looked I got the couch and love seat in the separation which are in my living room. But there it was. A full sized...
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    I am cold!

    ok so I live in CA and it is not so cold but my apt. is at night. I only moved in last April and it was warm enough then to not need the heat. Now I have to have the handyman come and light the pilot light and then make sure that my heat really works. I am not sure it does. I set the...
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    Does anyone mind?

    I can only hunt & peck because of my fractured hand. I would like 2 talk in text mode. know that it was an issue b4 but wuld really help me now. ok with all of u when i have something long 2 say?
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    How about those Giants!

    The underdogs triumph. SF to the series!
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    Fur clumps

    Butzie has developed fur clumps. At first I thought it was just some matted fur but it won't brush out. Now there more. Butzie is not acting sick. She is an indoor kitty with outdoor balcony priviledges. Anyone know what this is?
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    stilleto heels +uneven payment =

    a hairline fracture to my left hand metacarpals. Back to hunt & peck keyboarding. Off to my GP for a diagnosis on how long it will take to heal & for a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Emergency rooms are terrible.
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    My used MacBook has an interesting feature

    So, I went on Craig's list this past May and found a used MacBook for sale. I love my iMac and I was looking for a laptop. The reason was that my apt. doesn't have a/c and summers here can have temps over 100. So, I wanted a MacBook so that I could spend afternoons at my health club with wifi...
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    flat tire

    I have a flat tire. This is the only time I miss the ex. He either took me off AAA or let the coverage expire (think the former). One of the boyfriends is coming tonight to help me pump it up.
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    Do you eat cold pizza and/or pasta?

    I'll admit that I do eat both cold. Sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for lunch, but never for dinner. How about you?
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    my car

    was stolen from where I live
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    The American

    I saw this movie last night and I hated it. There was no plot resolution. The only reason IMO to see it is if you want to see George Clooney.
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    Anyone else have a cat ...

    that prefers a drinking glass to her water dish for water? Butzie started that in March and hasn't stopped. She would drink from the water on my bedside table. Now, I have to have a glass (plastic) there as well as one in the living room. Well, it is better than the toilet, I guess.
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    How hot has your summer been?

    This is the hottest day of the summer. It is 104 (106) degrees here today People have been complaining about how cool it has been. Well, guess what? Not today. We are breaking records. Nicely, it will cool down but then we go into the 70's this weekend. What a crazy summer. Do you prefer...
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    Where have all the flowers, er, persons gone?

    I have noticed that there are not so many persons on line. This is the free site, so why? Is it just that I am not on-line as often? Or has anyone noticed that persons are not on anymore?