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  1. aradasky

    No Food For One Day

    The moment I push the button on Chewy’s to load up on food, mine stop eating it. I now have a mixture of food they hate and food then now tolerate and rotate them until the hated food is gone. I now order enough for about 2 weeks. I also tried to get all four to eat the same food, never really...
  2. aradasky

    My Cat Was With Me Throughout My Entire Adult Life And Now He's Gone

    The most guilt I have ever had about any of my many cats crossing over was when I waited too long and she was in pain.
  3. aradasky

    Catio Concerns

    I have thought about a catio for a long time. I just do not have a good place to put one. Our windows do not open the right way and I am not cutting a hole in my wall. SOOO... I do have screens on my doors, (so unlike SoCal but I grew up where we used them all the time) and I have my doors open...
  4. aradasky


    Oh wow.... that was so unexpected. There is no reason to blame yourself, you gave her 18 exceptional years with you and she gave you back tons of love in return. Grieving will be hard. You might also check with your local Hospices. Some have good groups for those who lost pets. Groups are good...
  5. aradasky

    Cbd Oil

    Thank you FurBallsMom. I know that cats tak low doses and I will start with half of what is recommended. Also, thanks for reminding me to keep a record. It will be a while before I see results like your friend. Thank you FeebysOwner, perfect list of sites to read. I am on an ipad and could not...
  6. aradasky

    Cbd Oil

    Thank you for your reply. Raven The Elder.... is not on any meds except the aspirin. I hope to get her off, if this works. It will be better for her. My overgroomer, Tinker, would have be be bathed in the tea...LOL. I play cat calming music every morning. I like it, too. None of my four cats are...
  7. aradasky

    Dillon - Paralysis After Vaccination

    You are doing your best for him, probably, if he had been left where he was born, he would be gone by now. You have given him months of love that he would not have known. Whatever is in store for him, a short life or a long one, remember, he is/was loved enough to try to spoon feed.
  8. aradasky

    Cbd Oil

    I have a 17.5 year old arthritic cat who is on daily glucosamine and a tiny bit of aspirin 3 times a week (recommendation of vet) and a 7 year old who over grooms and throw up when she eats to much too fast. (My two 4 year-olds are doing fine right now). I am going to start them both on CBD oil...
  9. aradasky

    Very Picky Cat

    Also, he may only be able to eat small meals since he may be nauseous. Leave a small amount of wet food out all day, then throw away and feed another regular amount out all night. My cats eat this way. One, takes small amounts all the time or she WILL throw up. As long as the food is not raw...
  10. aradasky

    Wellness Canned Food Quality?

    I tried to get my cats to try a new food and they liked Wellness for a few days, now will not eat it. They tolerate Friskies and Fancy Feast, all pate. And some flavors, usually going OFF the one I just bought a case of. I have read, that if you can get them to eat any canned food, it is better...
  11. aradasky

    End Of My Rope

    As in the notes above, PLAY PLAY PLAY (I had to play with my male kitten for 30 mins in AM and 30 mins before bed, running 90% of the time through the house- he panted like a dog during it and Loved it and then slept quietly). And HISSS. That is what mom, brothers and sisters do when kitten play...
  12. aradasky

    Cat Has Mass In Stomach, Not Sure What To Do Now

    Call a local cat rescue organization or Humane Society, or ask at a pet shop if they know of a vet who is not expensive and may be willing to take payments.
  13. aradasky

    Possible Middening... Help!

    Seeing and sensing the cats outdoors may be the problem or a big part of it. You say you have three litter boxes for her, is one right next to or even on the furniture she uses? If she starts using it instead of your furniture, you may be able to move it out of the room eventually. As for...
  14. aradasky

    Live Crickets For Cat?

    I have often thought about bringing crickets home for my four. They are indoor cats and it would be fun watching them hunt. They go after spiders, flies and everything else that get in. I read somewhere that a cat owner brings home a feeder mouse (for snakes) to chase in the bathtub once in a...
  15. aradasky

    Too Needy, Non-stop Meowing Especially In The Morning

    I am just making suggestions. It sounds like you play with him and then he stops and lays down. Can you try again in about them minutes? I used to have to play with my male when he was 2, both morning and just before bed. That got him to sleep through the night. In the morning, can he be hungry...
  16. aradasky

    Yikes, badly matted fur

    You really need to get it out. Mats pull badly on cat skin that is like tissue. Get a friend to help if needed. This is a good way, How to De-Mat Your Cat Eventually a groomer or vet. My almost 17 year old kitty had chest mats and I took her to a groomer to have her shaved. She got a bath...
  17. aradasky

    17 Yr Old Long Hair, Bad Mats, Health Problems - Quiet Shaver?

    I have a 16.5 year old that had a chest/belly clip about 6 months ago by a groomer. She wold not let me get in there. If I can, when she needs it next time, I may try manual clippers like these.
  18. aradasky

    Fancy Feast Troubles

    Bonepicker, It is still in my gargage. I will wait a few months and see.
  19. aradasky

    Fancy Feast Troubles

    I believe that. It is hard to change foods. If I am introducing a new food, I try to give half and half for a few days because I know there will be tummy trouble otherwise.