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    Just wanted to say HI

    Most of you surely don't remember me, but I just wanted to drop in and say HI!!! Things are going well here in our household. My daughter started 1st grade today, and my son is on his last year at home. I have added one cat to our mix (Max) and that's just going great (sarcasm!!). But Max...
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    How Many Hairballs is Too Many?

    Hi Everyone - Long time, no post! I have a question about my cat Puffy, a neutered male who's almost 2 now. Puffy is a very puffy cat (lots of fur), and he's been shedding A LOT this spring. I mean, we have Puffy hair all over the house, and I have to vacuum every day. I even brush his hair...
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    Help! We just rescued a baby bird!

    When I got home from the grocery store, my husband had rescued a baby bird, which we believe is a baby dove. He has most of his feathers, but still can't quite fly. We saw him in the yard late yesterday, and thought he was sick and dying. This afternoon, my husband saw him under our bird...
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    Muffy the Conehead - Pics

    Here are a couple of cute pictures of Muffy with her cone on. She got spayed last week and started ripping out her stitches as soon as I got her home. So back to the vet she went to get a cone. Doesn't she look cute! Her spay went very well - she has a fabulous (read, expensive) vet, and she...
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    HELP - Muffy and Puffy are trying to kill each other!

    I really need some help with this. I'd love to hear any and all suggestions! Muffy got spayed this week (finally and $150 later!). She came home yesterday with a cone on her head because she was tearing out her stitches. Well, Puffy took one look at her and decided she's EVIL or something...
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    Some pics of all my pets (and kids)

    Here are some pics of my pets. I haven't shown any recently, so I thought I'd share. This is Daisy.
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    Just Look At This Face!!!

    Here's Dolly, one of the dogs I'm pet sitting this week. She's a Boxer and is just as sweet as can be. I brought her home today since I felt bad for her being kept in her crate all the time.
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    Pictures of Puffy and Prince Eric (the rat)

    Here's a picture of Amy and Prince Eric. He's already bigger than in this picture.
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    I'm on eBay!

    I've found the coolest new hobby! I get to do some of my favorite things: write, shop, play on the computer, and make money! I've started trading on eBay. I'm so excited that I've found something to do for myself. Lately I've been pretty depressed and feeling that my life is so boring. I...
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    Debby - Rat questions

    Hi Debby - I know you've had rats for many years. How long do they typically live? Amy's been asking, and I said 2 - 3 years, but I'm not sure this is right. Also, do they get really big? Hers is 8 weeks old, and he's about the size of a hamster (not counting his tail). He's really a great...
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    I just have to brag on my hubby!

    Doug competed in a power lifting competition today, and won first place in his division. There were about 35 men in the competition, and he was number 5 overall. This is awfully good for someone who just does this as a hobby. I hired a sitter and watched the whole thing. It was pretty neat...
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    I just bought my daughter a rat!

    Sometimes I really wonder how I became such a sucker! My daughter (5 and a half years old) has been begging for a hamster lately. So today I finally caved in. I bought all the hamster stuff at Petsmart and then went to Petco to get the hamster (Petsmart only had males). The lady at Petco was...
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    Just Curious - Who Else Here Has Dogs?

    I know we've done the "other pets" subject to death, but I was just curious who else has a dog in addition to their cats. What kind of dog do you have? Does he or she have an interesting story? I have Daisy, a black lab, who I got from the city pound when she was 8 months old. She was...
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    Some cute pics my hubby sent me

    Hubby got these in an email. Thought you'd enjoy...
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    Daily Thread for Friday

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Friday! I'm so excited. Doug and I are going on a couples retreat for church this weekend, and we're leaving this evening. I can't wait! The retreat is a marriage seminar kind of thing, so my husband isn't nearly as excited as me. But we're going to have a great time...
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    Quick Wits

    Got this in an email today and thought I'd share. Men are like slinkies.......not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs. ~~~ "Every teenager should get a high school education. Even if they already know everything." -Unknown ~~~...
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    Any recommendations for a good workout video

    I was thinking about trying a work out video at home to get some aerobic exercise. Do any of you have any recommendations for one that does not require the user to have ANY coordination? I mean, one that is good for people who regularly walk into walls and counters and such. I'm pretty...
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    I started a diet yesterday

    Yuck, I hate dieting. But I really need to lose about 15 lbs. So I'm doing Slim Fast again. This time I'm going to see if I can last more than a week like I did last time. I know this isn't the best diet to use, but I already spend so much of my time dealing with food for the family, I just...
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    The English Language - A Funny

    SO, YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE TOUGH ENOUGH TO TRY TO LEARN ENGLISH? This little treatise on the lovely language we share is only for the brave. It was passed on by a linguist, original author unknown. Peruse at your leisure, English lovers. Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn...