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    Oops.... Gender Mix Up

    At her first appointment, I guess the vet just assumed my Meep was a male, as 80% of orange cats are male. Besides, she is a long-haired cat. I had to correct him.
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    Your cat’s reaction to flea control?

    Exactly. I think it's the cold against their skin. Mine act the same when they see me with the package. A treat afterward for each of them seems to help.
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    tomcats behaviour after neutering

    One of mine tries to go through the motions with the female. He acts like he really doesn't know quite what to do. I'm not absolutely sure whether it's sexual or dominance in nature. Mostly, it's an annoyance to her and she either bites him or runs away.
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    Cats and Food

    Green peas, too!
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    tomcats behaviour after neutering

    Both my males were neutered before I picked them up from the shelter. One had been neutered for a little while, but the other was done just before I took him home. Behavior changes were minimal as far as I can see. They both wrestle, romp around the house and attack each other as well as the...
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    Cat biting and kicking?

    A ping pong ball in the bathtub is a good playtime toy to burn energy. Get lots of them, as they escape and end up under the furniture. Also, you can make up a kicker toy by tying knots in an old sweat sock (the dirtier the better).
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    How do you name your cats?

    One of mine is a style 4 after a fashion (Sir Eats-A-Lot); the others don't fit the categories very well. Meep was named that because that's the noise she made when she was little. Chesterfield was an extension of the name they gave him at the shelter (his original name was just Chester).
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    I may lose power and have to go to my neighbors...will my cats be okay here?

    That self-warming bed is a real good idea! Thanks for posting it!
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    I need help

    My two fixed males do the same thing. It usually starts with mutual grooming, and proceeds to the alpha biting the other softly on the neck. They're quite closely bonded.
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    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    Senior George resembles Teddy Roosevelt a bit. He just needs a pair of pince-nez eyeglasses to complete the look.
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    What kind of growl does your cat have?

    I never heard my Meep growl until recently. She's about 2 1/2 years old, orange DLH. a small cat, and fairly kitten-like, even at her age. However, she has the ugliest, most menacing low-pitched growl I ever heard out of a cat. You'd never think such a noise would come out of her. She only...
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Mine are actively inspecting a "moff" (the word they understand for an insect intruder--a corruption of "moth"), in this case, a stink bug. They usually eat them, but stink bugs don't taste good and they make "yuk!" faces after eating one. Nonetheless, they eat them just the same. As I write...
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    Dental Care

    I don't think my cats would stand a tooth brushing. They were adoptees and two of them were adults and hadn't been brought up to have their teeth brushed. The other was a kitten, but was/is too mean to try to brush her teeth. I think if they had been started on tooth brushing as little ones...
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    They are on my messy bed while I lie here the computer. I'm massaging them in my stocking feet while I type. Surprising they're sleeping because it's 20 minutes until lunchtime for them. They should be walking around, crying at me.
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    If it works, it's a good deal. Cheaper than a lot of other cat trees having far fewer features.
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    Tips for less static-y cats?

    I have a small ultrasonic humidifier in addition to one on the furnace. The furnace doesn't run long enough to allow its humidifier to do the job adequately. The little one takes a lot of the humidifier load, but even though the humidity got better, it didn't entirely cure the problem. I used...
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Kinda hard to see where one kitty starts and another stops!
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    Will my 10 week old kitten have long hair?

    The tail and fluff between the toes is what seems to tell whether the kitten will be long- or short-haired.
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    Does Anyone Else have a Cat that Loves Sleeping on Vents?

    All of mine sit next to the heating registers, with the two bathrooms being preferred to other locations. Another favorite is the one in the dining room next to the desk. They don't sit on it, but like the chair that's usually above it because it has a padded seat.
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    Found a kitten by the road

    A decent gauge of kitten age is when they start losing their milk teeth around 10 weeks. Sometimes, you won't even notice it happening until you don't see one of their fangs and there's just a little red hole where it was, so you'll have to look carefully. I never found any of the lost teeth...