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  1. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    First of all sorry for the long post please read and bear with me. As some of you know I got my kitten off a neighbour who was overwhelmed with cat's. I rehomed two kittens for him and pointed him towards rescue groups that could help him with the one's he had left. Since then it's clear he...
  2. Tik cat's mum

    Peripheral vestibular disease

    Well it all started on Thursday had to take both cat's to the vet Patches had a sore throat and Bandits third eyelid was showing one coughing the other sneezing. Told they had cat flu given eye drops for Bandit and anti imflamatery medicine for Patches. Then on Saturday night had to take Bandit...
  3. Tik cat's mum

    Meet Bandit

    Hi all I'm not new here but just had to show you all Patches new little brother Bandit. It's hard to get a good picture but this is not bad. Introductions are going good up to now no fights both cats calm.