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  1. Dario the GreyCat

    Image hosting sites?

    I have an updated signature I'd like to add but photobucket is annoying and the other sites that I've tried aren't working. Can anyone help?
  2. Dario the GreyCat


    So, Vincent came back without feline leukemia but, he did test positive for FIV. I’ve been reading about it. Should I have him retested with another vet? My vet didn’t think it was worth it. He’s set to be neutered July 1st. I don’t know what to think.
  3. Dario the GreyCat

    Vincent, the yellow tomcat

    At long last, Vincent Van Gogh is set to have a vet exam and bloodwork and after that, as long as he’s healthy he’ll be neutered. He gets regular flea and tick meds. It’s taken 5 years to get this close to this guy. He now sleeps in the barn with the other working cats my parents have. (They...
  4. Dario the GreyCat

    Coughing Cat and his Panicky Human

    Preface: I have anxiety and am prone to worrying, mostly over nothing but, I'm worried that if I don't worry, something bad will happen. Meds have mostly helped but it still is an issue. I already contacted my vet and we're going to set up an appointment but I thought that I would post on here...
  5. Dario the GreyCat

    Gender questions; who gets along best with whom?

    My boyfriend and I are talking about adding a second cat to the mix in a year or so as where we are currently really isn't big enough. We talked about gender too and he had read that cats of differing genders get along better than cats of the same. All cats in question would be fixed, of course...
  6. Dario the GreyCat

    Good Cat Magazines worth keeping up with?

    When I got into parrot keeping there were no good magazines, there were ones that would try to start and then fizz out or just never complete their obligation to even make the magazine. Now that I'm trying to stay on top of things with cats, I've found that there is a mountain of magazines and I...
  7. Dario the GreyCat

    Anything I should think about pre-neutering?

    A little backstory; I lost my last two dogs when they were rushed to the ER and... both passed. It had nothing to do with spaying. But I am very prone to anxiety. I highly dislike not being there when my animals are at the vet. Obviously, for this kind of procedure, that wouldn't be possible...
  8. Dario the GreyCat

    Containers for freezing raw

    Maybe a strange question, Darwin's comes in pretty convenient patties, but I recently ordered from Hare-Today and it seems to come in bulk packages. I'm also planning on looking at recipes on here to make my own raw. So, to my question; what containers have you found the most efficient to use?
  9. Dario the GreyCat


    After my experience with Dario, and learning about the struggles that shelters have with neonatal kittens, I’m very interested in fostering. I’m a teacher so I’ll be free during the summer to be able to feed every two hours. It was stressful but I liked doing it. Here’s the catch. I live in a...
  10. Dario the GreyCat

    How young to start trying raw?

    My kitten is almost 3 months, and he’s been eating both wet and dry feed, I sometimes share my chicken with him. I’ve been interested in raw since hearing about it on My Cat from Hell. My vet has not been helpful and insists on brand name stuff. How young do you start cats on raw? There is a...
  11. Dario the GreyCat

    Treats and Feed brands

    So, Dario is the first cat I've had as an adult. I've been reading about nutrition and my vet is convinced I should only feed Hill's Science diet, and/or Royal Canin. I'm curious about people's opinions. I got Tiki Afterdark cat and kitten wet and he took to it with great enthusiasm, I've been...
  12. Dario the GreyCat

    Dario Argento

    Some pictures of Dario a bit older now.
  13. Dario the GreyCat

    What kind of coat does my kitten have?

    Besides a nice soft one. Obviously, he’s a domestic short hair (maybe medium?) and I’m assuming maybe silver ticked tabby? But I was curious to hear what people more knowledgeable about this might have to say. I also might need to take better pictures.
  14. Dario the GreyCat

    Hello All

    Hello, I’m Steph and this is my kitty story. I hadn’t had a cat in three or four years, my last cat, was my heart-cat, Baby Fred. He passed from old age after being sick most of his life. He was a barn cat I found and adopted. I missed having a cat but, my past cats (I’ve had cats since I was a...