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  1. aradasky

    Cbd Oil

    I have a 17.5 year old arthritic cat who is on daily glucosamine and a tiny bit of aspirin 3 times a week (recommendation of vet) and a 7 year old who over grooms and throw up when she eats to much too fast. (My two 4 year-olds are doing fine right now). I am going to start them both on CBD oil...
  2. aradasky

    Fancy Feast Troubles

    For years, I fed my four on Fancy Feast pate. Believe me, I tried EVERYTHING else. Then, about two months ago, they started turning up noses at the food they used to love. I have one 16 year old and one seven year old with a sensitive tummy. They both started throwing up. My youngest two did not...
  3. aradasky

    Please Say A Prayer Or Keep Good Thoughts

    Please say a prayer or keep good thoughts for all the cats and other pets in Texas that are in trouble right now and will be for many days to come.
  4. aradasky

    Quotes On Ipad

    I have not accessed this forum on my computer, only my iPad and I am finding I cannot quote another post in a thread. I followed all the prompts but it is not working. Is there a trick I am missing?
  5. aradasky

    Calm Before The Vet

    I have four cats now, and vet visits for checkups have become a thing rarely done. I do not get shots for them however, if they are sick they go. I have trouble lifting and carrying around the plastic carriers and I have two big cats that are heavy on their own. So, I decided to have a vet come...
  6. aradasky


    I will never have the canned cat food for Raven - 16 yrs, Tinker - 6 yrs, Shetland and Orkney - 3yrs, on any subscription to be delivered automatically. Can you guess why????????
  7. aradasky


    I have found, as I get older (and yes this happens to all of us) that my cat litter is getting heavier. Even the 20lb boxes are getting unwieldy to lift and pour. Litter is cheaper in the larger sizes like 40lb bags but there is no way I can cart that around unaided. I just went to Amazon and...
  8. aradasky

    Best Litter For Long Hairs

    I know this has been discussed, probably adnauseum. Sorry, however, I have four cats, two short hair and two fuzzy butts. I searched for a long time for a great litter that does not stick to the fuzzy butts so they carry around half of the clumping litter. I found Okocat Natural Wood Long...
  9. aradasky


    I do not have time to search through this treasure-trove of information and there is not a way to search these threads that I could see, so I will ask here. I am sure it has been asked many times before. My 14 yr-old girl hurts. Vet says arthritis. She is picky about what goes in her food and...
  10. aradasky

    Wanted one new kitten and got two!

    Hi everyone. My name is Arlene. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 13 yr old, both females. The younger, Tinker, is a loving, playful cat who has slowed down a bit and I thought she would like a younger "friend". I knew my gamma eldest, Raven, would be under the bed for a while as she got used to...