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    Squirt 1996-2013

    Squirt brought me to TCS back in 2001.  I don't really visit the site much anymore, but this is one place I wanted to note his passing.  Squirt crossed the Bridge today after being a carefree and terrific pet for 17 years.  The decision to put him down did not come easy, but he was struggling...
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    Member Spotlight for 5/7/06: Clixpix

    Congratulations and have a fun week! A few questions to get you started: 1. What is the best part about your job? 2. What's the worst? 3. What is your absolute most favorite food in the world? 4. Chicago or NY style pizza? 5. What kind of car do you drive? If it is not your dream...
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    Announcement: No MySpace links

    Hi guys! Lately we have had a number of members posting links to their pages on MySpace. More often than not, those links contain images or language that is not appropriate for a G-rated, family friendly site like TCS. In order to save the mods the work of previewing each and every link to...
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    TCS Get Togethers

    Susie had a good idea. If there are any TCS get-togethers, let's make sure a photo gets posted in this thread. Hopefully we can keep adding to it. I will start. This photo is from October 2002. Former TCS moderators Sandie and Imagyne (Ken) hosted another former mod, airprincess (Colby) and...
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    Important Health & Nutrition thread links

    Early Spay and Neuter Study Declawing resources Important: Health and Nutrition Articles Cat Food Comparison Charts
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    Breeders Corner - Important threads

    Accident or Backyard Breeding? All posters please read!!
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    Cat trapped in the wall in NYC

    Hope this one has a happy ending.....
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    Signature Designers

    Please do not post email addresses directly in your threads or in your signatures. If you wish to exchange emails privately via PM, that is your right, but this forum was designed so that all business regarding signatures could be handled right here. Please PM me if you have any questions.
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    Threads for Newbies (Read These Before Posting)

    Need Help Finding Your Way Around the Forums? How to Post Pictures Forum Rules Forum Basics All About TCS Member Titles
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    How cats pass the time

    I guess Squirt is a Harry Potter fan!
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    Unusual restaurant foods

    Last week I visited a restaurant in Georgia. I ate sweet potato french fries and a fried dill pickle! Both were good! Seems like a lot of restaurants are repeats of the same old things. What unusual stuff have you run into lately?
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    Spring Break pics

    Most people head toward the beach on Spring Break, but living in Florida, I head the other way. Last week I was visiting a friend in Atlanta. We spent the day at Stone Mountain, which is about the biggest rock I have ever seen! In addition to climbing the mountain, we toured a restored...
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    Funny thing happened at MOSI

    My daughter and I went to our Museum of Science and Industry this weekend to see Bodies, The Exhibition. Anyway, I saw this in the parking lot and had to grab a photo.
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    How did nobody miss this person??? What's worse is, I used to live there!!!!!!!
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    Poor cats!
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    Thanks Sandie and Ken!

    Many of our newer members may not have the pleasure of knowing our 2 married moderators, Sandie and Ken (Imagyne). They have been around TCS since the beginning and have contributed a whole lot toward making TCS what it is today. I have had the pleasure of meeting them twice in person, once at...
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    Caption This

    After several years, the Caption This forum is taking an extended leave of absence. It's a forum that requires a lot of maintenance time. If you still enjoy captioning photos, please drop me a PM. We have talked about having a smaller version of CT as a subforum of Fur Pics.
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    Windows 2000 - Dial up

    If I am running Windows 2000 and my ISP changes the access phone number for my dial up, how do I go about changing it on my computer? I need some step-by-step directions here, as I forgot to check at work today, I have a Mac, I can't picture the process, and I have to walk somebody through it.
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    My bad Joseph

    My cats are largely boring, but when one misbehaves, and it's always the same one, it's a unique story. Tonight I came in the door from work and immediately heard an odd noise. It sounded like water in the kitchen. Over the summer I had the water line break under the bathroom sink while I was...
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    The Goodness of Life

    It takes a few minutes to watch this, but it's worth it.