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  1. Szewan

    Sore butt

    So while my Pancake was put under anesthesia for dental cleaning Monday, I asked the people at the clinic to give him a sani cut since he always has issues with cleaning the poop on his butt. I thought it was no big deal but today I noticed his anus is blood red and I saw brown debris around...
  2. Szewan

    Anesthesia after-effect

    I just brought my 7/yo cat adopted last year to dental cleaning under anesthesia today, we just came home and he’s still groggy and a bit unsteady, but he ate some wet food after fasting for a whole day, so I guess that’s good. No tooth extraction required - just cleaning and no medication...
  3. Szewan

    Why is there always Tuna?

    I feed Pancake Weruva wet food, and I noticed Tuna is one of top ingredients of a lot of the flavors - even though the names do not suggest Tuna (eg. Beef and Chicken). I wonder why? Does Tuna make the food more enticing to cats? 🧐
  4. Szewan

    Helping my cat to lose weight

    I followed my vet’s advice to help my chubby DSH cat I adopted in September last year to lose some weight. At the beginning he was at hefty 20 pounds (he’s a big and long ginger DSH though), and my vet and I were hoping that in a year’s time he would get down to 15 pounds or so. So I monitored...
  5. Szewan

    Changing toilet habit

    My cat’s toilet habit has changed in the last couple of weeks - instead of quite regularly peeing twice and pooping once a day, he’s now peeing mostly once a day (occasionally twice) and popping mostly once every other day. Poops looked normal. No signs of constipation. I recently made these...
  6. Szewan

    Cat suddenly refused to eat wet food

    When I adopted my 6 yo cat last fall I knew he had a history of dry food only feeding. Since I adopted him, I tried to get him started on wet food since he’s overweight and wet food is better for weight management. After months of trying diff brands, flavors and textures, and many many arounds...
  7. Szewan

    Litter boxes for pine litter

    Want to share some info on litter boxes for pine pellets: - I transitioned my cat from clay to pine litter a month ago. So far so good. i found out there aren’t many choices for litter boxes made for pine available in this country. There are way more choices if you reside in Asia or Europe...
  8. Szewan

    Cat stroller

    I wonder if those cat strolllers are safe for cats - safe in a sense they won’t be able sneak out and escape? Anybody owning one? I have an overweight cat (on a diet now!) and wonder if it’s a good idea to use one to take him to the vet - without me breaking my back!! Last time I took him to...
  9. Szewan

    Ceiling fan

    I know it sounds really silly - but my excuse is I only started to become a cat mom 6 months ago. I am thinking of replacing my ceiling light in the bedroom with a ceiling fan with light. It’s right over the bed. My adult ginger cat is quite a good jumper and despite him being ~7 years old...
  10. Szewan

    Tuna based wet food

    Hi all - my newly adopted (nearly 3 months now) ginger boy (approaching 7 years old) cat was not used to wet food before adoption, but I have been trying to get him started on wet food, as he is overweight, and as he’s getting older, I think more hydration is beneficial for his urinary...
  11. Szewan

    Tips on cleaning cat’s behind

    My adopted cat Pancake is overweight and since I adopted him 2.5 months ago, I noticed his butt always had some debris...I didn’t notice signs of diarrhea do I am guessing that he can’t clean himself properly because of his weight. , or maybe some cats just have not developed good grooming habit...
  12. Szewan

    Cat vomiting

    Pancake vomited twice today :( - one in the morning and one at night - both times vomited right after he took the first bites of the meals. I could see distinct kibbles totally undigested, and no hairballs. He had vomited a couple of times before right after meals, and I suspected it was all...
  13. Szewan

    Time for a cat sitter?

    So my newly adopted ginger tabby boy Pancake has been with me for a month now. We have been adjusting to each other (I never owned cats - or any real pets actually). I would say we are both doing quite well :). I had adjusted myself to go to bed earlier since he would start waking me up...
  14. Szewan

    How To Make The Cat Less Fearful?

    My 6 yo adopted ginger DSH boy Pancake has been with me for over a week now. He had gone from hiding to being comfortable with me in just 1-2 days, and in fact he has been very affectionate with me - always meowing for patting and scratching and head butting. There are a few things I am still...
  15. Szewan

    Shorthair Fur Is Matted/knotted...?

    hello - my adopted 6-yo shorthair ginger boy Pancake just came home a couple of days ago. I am a new cat owner and did some research beforehand and bought some grooming tools beforehand. I have a Zoomgroom rubber brush, a Safari metal flea comb and a Safari slicker brush, and a Furmigator...
  16. Szewan

    Beginner About To Adopt A Cat From Shelter

    Never owned a cat but I saw this foster cat a few days ago. Male adult about 6 years old. Big orange tabby. Very sweet. He has this very pronounced belly flap though (see pic). I googled and learned that this is not abnormal, but I have never seen such a big flap... I petted his back and...