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  1. Tik cat's mum

    I had to unexpectedly euthanize my Tony last night and the guilt is consuming me

    I am so sorry for your loss. But I have to agree with what everyone else has said. Ifs and buts and what ifs go with this choice. To keep him with you for possibly a few more weeks would not have been the right choice. I'm sure Tony would thank you for ending his suffering and not making him...
  2. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    That's so nice to hear. My mother in laws friends have a street cat from dubai. She flew all the way to the UK and now she won't go outside, she's supposed to be a barn cat but has made herself a indoor cat. Lol. My MIL says she hates the cold here. Lol. Yeah luckily my daughter understands it's...
  3. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Yes it does I was surprised when the vet said just keep a eye on it. My daughter was expecting to take him to get it removed or a mad care plan. But he doesn't paw or rub at it as far as we know but we'll know more once we can get him out of the bathroom. My daughter now talks to him on her way...
  4. Tik cat's mum

    Hunting Dangerous Prey.

    You always get such incredible pictures love that we have been saved. :thumbsup:
  5. Tik cat's mum

    Meet my boys

    :welcomesign:to you and your boy's. They are so cute cuddling.
  6. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Thankyou, when my daughter said he could join her family I was over the moon. I really just introduced them. Lol. We are hopefull that the little guy does not need treatment for his eye ever the vet said it looks bad but isn't, it looks worse than it is. I agree he must of been scared poor...
  7. Tik cat's mum

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, February 23

    For me it would be Queen.
  8. Tik cat's mum

    Had to put my 10 year old cat down... Depressed...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can tell how much you loved Ginger from your post. You did all you could for your boy. You ended his pain and broke your own heart doing that. I know he would Thank you for all the love you gave him. He'll be at the bridge pain free wondering why your so sad because...
  9. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Update on Panther lilly yes he has a name. My daughter took him to the vet's unfortunately like we thought he's completely blind in that eye. But good news is he hasn't got a infection so the vet has said unless it starts causing him problems it won't need removing or any treatment. Vet said she...
  10. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    I'm hoping it won't be but I'm not sure, He knows people are getting annoyed about the cat's. He has had his two female cat's done I've seen the fur shaved on their sides but not sure if there's any more females from the two litters they had. So time will tell I have mentioned about him getting...
  11. Tik cat's mum

    Your Birth Month Is What You Will Be In 10 Years

    We should have a double date as we will both be dating inanimate objects. At least we will have no complaints :lol:
  12. Tik cat's mum

    My two babies

    Awww beautiful both of them are lovely. :purr:
  13. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Thankyou for the links, I hadn't read them. I have introduced young kittens and young kittens to adult cat's but I've never tried to take in a almost street cat. He was so freaked out when he came out of the carrier and me and my daughter wasn't expecting that. he tried to run through the window...
  14. Tik cat's mum

    i have questions about neutering

    1.yes they are, you would have to talk to your vet about this they can tell you of any risks because of asthma. 2.There may be a bit of blood but nothing that would scare the kid's it's a very small incision on male's 3. Normally a couple of weeks last cat I had done was healed in a week no...
  15. Tik cat's mum

    Help please

    Yes please like @Jcatbird has said send a pictures to the vet. With what you are saying it comes and goes it could be a rodent ulcer my boy has a flea allergy and any fleas on him even if I don't see them his lip comes up like that. It could be a lot of different things causing it. The vet...
  16. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Oh update he is in the bathroom at my daughters she has two he has just peed in the bath not the litter.
  17. Tik cat's mum

    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    First of all sorry for the long post please read and bear with me. As some of you know I got my kitten off a neighbour who was overwhelmed with cat's. I rehomed two kittens for him and pointed him towards rescue groups that could help him with the one's he had left. Since then it's clear he...
  18. Tik cat's mum

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, February 16

    I'd lay in the sun and relax. Then scream to be fed. Oh and I'd wake my cat's up at stupid o'clock jumping on the bed.
  19. Tik cat's mum

    I love my cat(s) but...

    I love Patches but I wish he'd stop stealing my seat everytime I leave it unattended. I love Bandit but I wish he'd stop trying to hide Patches pee/poop before he's finished.