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  1. kumbulu

    Help with breed and colour of this stray, please.

    This sweet girl was found as a stray and I am looking for a home for her. She is around 6-8 years old. She looks like a Burmese but do you think she is full or perhaps 1/2? Also, what is the proper name for her colouring? Thanks.
  2. kumbulu

    A guide to bathing kittens.

    You can bathe kittens as young as a few days old. I try not to bathe really young babies but sometimes it's unavoidable if they are covered in dirt or poop. Here's how I bathe: Put a clean, dry towel in the dryer and turn the dryer on. If you don't have a dryer, fold the towel, put it in the...
  3. kumbulu

    Do you collect rainwater to give your cats?

    We had a lovely downpour the other day and I had the brilliant () idea to collect some as a treat for the cats to drink. A couple of the cats love it and the rest don't seem to care whether they drink that or their normal water. I wanted to ask, does rainwater contain chemicals that I should be...
  4. kumbulu

    A couple of short videos of the kittens

    This one is me feeding a little black boy. Usually, I'd be talking baby-talk to him and telling him how cute he is etc as he feeds but I thought anyone who watched could do without that lol. It's a bit dark but If you turn up your speakers, you can hear him suckling. This one is waking up...
  5. kumbulu

    Let's talk about the different kinds of kitten formula

    Here in Australia, there are several formulae: Biolac Animalac Plus Divetalact Formula One Wombaroo Impact (colostrum made by Wombaroo) My opinion is that the more specific the formula, the better. For example, the formula Divetalact can be used for feeding puppies, kittens, piglets, foals...
  6. kumbulu

    Hi everyone - re-introducing myself.

    My name is Tania and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I am an RSPCA registered foster-carer for orphaned, abandoned, sick, feral and premature kittens. I love doing this and have cared for almost 300 kittens over six years. I, along with my good friend hissy (Mary Anne), created the Kitten...
  7. kumbulu

    Beautiful cat needs a home in Queensland, Australia

    Keida is a female, 2 year old tortoiseshell cat. She is desexed, has no fleas or worms and is up-to-date on vaccinations. She uses a litter tray and is not a fussy eater. She is very loving, loves company and could be an indoor cat if need be. She hasn't had a lot of experience with children or...
  8. kumbulu

    Talking Cat Video.

    I watched this and laughed until I cried. The last cat is my favourite.
  9. kumbulu

    TCS cut off on the right-hand-side

    I have about 6cm either side of the TCS pages of white space but all of my TCS pages are cut off slightly on the right-hand-side. It's not a biggie but some smaller words like an, to, in etc. are missing if they're on that side. Also, is the default font even smaller than it was? It was pretty...
  10. kumbulu

    Mouse, the beautiful blind kitten.

    Her story is here (full story in the first few posts of the thread)
  11. kumbulu

    Tips on caring for a blind kitten?

    I'm kind-of embarrassed to say that I've never fostered a blind kitten, although I've looked after kittens with severe eye infections before. I got a call today from a plumbing business nearby that they had caught a feral kitten but that it's eyes were still closed. They didn't know how old it...
  12. kumbulu

    3 new little arrivals (and so fluffy!)

    These three fell down into a wall of a lady's house. She knocked holes in her wall to get them out! Mumcat was nowhere to be found. They are around 3 1/2 weeks old, the ones with ginger are boys (Wilbur & Templeton) and the grey is a girl (Charlotte).
  13. kumbulu

    We are four days old...

    ...and we are OUTTA HERE!
  14. kumbulu

    Happy, Happy Birthday Sarah (KitEKats4Eva!) !!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!
  15. kumbulu

    Oscar, the kitten attacked by a dog.

    Posting this for another member here, NayaZ. Oscar was found lying at the bottom of a lady's garden on Friday. The lady that found him kept him in a handbag for about 18 hours and was feeding him baby biscuits soaked in cows milk! After Naya found out about him, she rushed him to the vet and...
  16. kumbulu

    Oscar, the kitten attacked by a dog. Warning: possibly heartbreaking pics.

    This is Oscar. He is being very well cared for by a TCS member, NayaZ. His story is in this thread:
  17. kumbulu

    Those with very cold temperatures, can you help?

    I read somewhere that very hot or boiling water, when thrown into really, really cold air (near zero temperatures and below), will almost immediately turn into ice crystals but cool water won't. Can anyone confirm this? We are in the middle of summer Down Under and the temperatures here in...
  18. kumbulu

    Another two foster-babies.

    Introducing Bill and Ben. They are about 3 1/2 weeks old and both males. They were found right next to a dumpster near some shops last night. I suspect someone was going to put them IN it but just couldn't bring themselves to do it. The vet hospital asked the owner to go and check the area in...
  19. kumbulu

    New cat family tree revealed.

    Click here. (The tiger in your loungeroom!)
  20. kumbulu

    I'll admit it - I need forum help.

    When I see a post that I'd like to reply to, when I click on the Quick Reply button, type my reply and then click on Post Quick Reply, it tells me that I cannot post and I need to wait 28 (or 29 or 25) seconds before posting again, as if I have already posted my reply. When I go into the thread...