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  1. clynn11

    I'm back!

    Been MIA from the site for quite a while. Haven't been MIA from rescuing though! Found this gorgeous girl at a local drop off spot in town, completely friendly- obviously someone left her. And obviously pregnant. I can feel little pops from the babes and am looking forward to finding these...
  2. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    A friend of mine who is also in rescue saw an ad on CL rehoming a F4 Savannah mommy. She has two Savannahs herself, and felt compelled to save her and find her a good home. When she showed up to get her, the mama had 3 kittens- daddy being a Bengal. Mama is about 12-15lbs. Daddy was a bit...
  3. clynn11

    My rescues of 2013 *so far*

    Rescued these three girls from a hoarding situation and they've all gone off to great homes :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Momma kitty Cassie, who had 6 babies. Rescued her while she was 8 weeks pregnant off of the streets...
  4. clynn11

    Update of Cassie's Kittens! 6 weeks old- pics included.

    Cassie and her babies are doing wonderfully. The four are one of the most mischievous/playful litters i've dealt with, they're too much fun! Homes lined up for all of them, to people I know so I can stop by and visit anytime I want and know they will be spayed/neutered. Andromeda Scorpius...
  5. clynn11

    Rescue mama #3- Minerva and her babies.

    Rescued these loves from a kitty hoarding situation, along with my 2nd rescue mama Kenya. Kittens are 4 boys and 1 girl (calico). Mama is a gorgeous tortie point with slightly crossed blue eyes :P she's so cute. Remus and Rowena are already spoken for, mama Minerva will be spayed then returned...
  6. clynn11

    What color/markings are we?

    I took in another rescue mama and her babies. At first glance I thought we had a calico, a ginger, and the rest black and white. But looking in the daylight there are very noticeable tabby markings on two of the b&w ones. I've seen ghost stripes before, but these are more defined. Can anyone...
  7. clynn11

    Rescue Mama 2 of 2013- Kenya and her kittens.

    Took this mama and babies out of an animal hoarder situation. All girls :) I actually believe this mommy (Kenya) might be offspring of my first rescue mommy this year Cassie. They come from the same neighborhood/street and have almost identical markings. Mama Kenya: Somalia: Egypt...
  8. clynn11

    Hercules is almost a year old!

    Can't believe he is almost 1. On 4/19! He's a small kitty, but has the best personality and is so gorgeous. Love him so much.
  9. clynn11

    Cassie and her kittens, from 6 to 4 :(

    As stated in the last thread, I lost Leo on 3/6/13 unexpectedly when I came back from a vet visit for Draco's eye. It was only three hours from when he was responsive to passing. He fed the best on the bottle, but despite that was still the smallest and failed to thrive. I was then worried about...
  10. clynn11

    I'm back! Kitten season again :/

    Rescued my first pregnant stray of the year. She is HUGE and due any day i'm assuming, babies are moving around like crazy!! Took her off the streets Tuesday night. She's the sweetest thing ever!
  11. clynn11

    I'm freaking out... how do I go about this??? HELP

    Some may have read my thread, i've been rehoming spayed/neutered kitties for an old woman being evicted. I found one gorgeous kitty, Ginger, a home with an old man about 30 miles out of town on his land. He already had one male neutered kitty- a black and white tuxedo kitty named Oreo. I thought...
  12. clynn11

    I'd like to invite you all to 'like' my rescue in progress page on Facebook.

    Basically, my goal is to open a rescue one day. Before I said it would be for all animals, but seeing how many kitties my shelters are bombarded with and how fast they reproduce in the 'wild', i'm pretty sure it will only be a kitty rescue. Cassidy's Cat City My little sister came up with the...
  13. clynn11

    What is going on with his coat/coloring?

    I figured the knowledgeable breeders around here know the most about coloring, patterns, etc... even when it comes to moggies. When I got this little guy he was PURE BLACK, with the exception of a couple of random hairs on his legs being greyish. As he gets older, he's getting more and more...
  14. clynn11


    So my lovely stray rescue Tipper developed some MASSIVE lymph nodes. GIANT. We took him in to the vet to have him tested for FELV/FIV since that was the first thing that popped up in Google. The vet was astonished by how big his lymph nodes are, and even more astonished that he tested negative...
  15. clynn11

    The rescuing never ends!

    I got a desperate plea from an older woman who is being evicted from her home. She takes care of about 20 adult cats around her house, indoor/outdoor and has no idea what to do with them once she has to leave. Most of the females are fixed and a couple of the males, I went over and took pictures...
  16. clynn11

    Some of my crew...

    Some of the permanent residents of my home.. that I could get pictures of!! Stella and Indy hate the camera... Luna, about 3 years and 1 month old. Had her since she was about 8 weeks. Spayed and pretty cranky.. the crankiest of all my kitties. But that's because she was here first and is the...
  17. clynn11

    Bottle babies are 7 1/2 weeks old!

    All are spoken for! Falcor, the only boy and the BIG BOY: Anastasia, gorgeous torbie and white- VERY sweet and loving. Purrmonster, still a little wet after her bath: Irene, gorgeous torbie. Biggest girl, and most independent of the litter: Thumbellina, runt of the litter. Total lover...
  18. clynn11

    You can help donate to animals in need!!

    Our local newspaper has made a pledge to donate $500 to our local animal shelter if their Facebook page receives 1500 'likes' by September 15th. You DO NOT have to be from my town in order to like this page, and although I know that none of the information on it will be relevent to you, you WILL...
  19. clynn11

    Been REALLY busy! Pictures of all 30 rescue kittens from the past 3 months!

    Yes. PICTURE HEAVY and CUTENESS WARNING!!!! This site inspired me, SO MUCH. I have rescued a kitten here and there... but I have never gotten so in-depth to the rescuing process as I have this kitten season, after I joined The Cat Site. So I would like to say thank you to each and every one of...
  20. clynn11

    Bottle babies are right around 4 weeks old

    The babies are doing great, little fatties and have started eating wet food as well. They're so cute to watch play. Falcor: Irene: Fern: Anastasia: Thumbellina: