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    My little baby passed today

    Such heartbreaking news. Too loose one so young hurts so very much. I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet little Luna.
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    Spend a Fortune on Toys and This is His Favorite

    Oh yeah! A new box, or a big rubber band and our cats are in haven.
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    Rest well my little baby 12/28/20 Tribute to the one-eyed cat

    You did a wonderful thing when you took him into your home and care...and a wonderful thing when you let him go. You are a strong, brave lady. May you find peace in knowing that you gave El Nino a great life. God bless you.
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    Lulu stepped on a hot burner

    Trust me on this...It is time to find a new vet...TODAY.
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    Lost my best friend, im devastated

    Sixteen years is a long life for any cat. However...sixteen more years wouldn't be half enough for our little friends. You made a tough, but right decision for Boo. When there is nothing but pain and more pain in the future, there is no future! You did the most difficult thing any human can do...
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    Very long Morton passing post.. not even 3 years old

    For every living thing on this planet there is a time to be born, and a time to pass. Morton's time here was short, and filled with health problems. You gave him time here that he would of never had if most any other human would of been his keeper. He knows you loved him very much! I have lost...
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    A loss such as this would break the strongest heart! I have no words that will even begin comfort you, other than to say that I am so very, very sorry this terrible thing happen to Butter. May your little boy find peace and joy as he runs and jumps across the Rainbow Bridge to play with all of...
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    Newly Adopted and Terrified.

    Just give her some space and time. She will come around in due time.
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    A Place for our memories

    I have fond memories of how any time I started my Yahama four wheeler, "Rocky" would come hop on it. I always had to delay my departure as he was an "old gentleman cat" at this time, and had only a slow gear, but he ALWAYS expected to ride with me wherever, and whenever I would go... I found it...
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    Rivel got new little sister, her name is Silver

    Her name may be Silver...but she is a "Black Beauty". I do love black cats!
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    Not exactly new but I'm here with new kitties

    Those beautiful blue eyes would surely cast a spell on anyone that would gaze into them! Such lovely ladies.
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    Sugas been gone 4 months today:

    That picture of Suga says WAY more than a thousand words. Such a beautiful, sweet girl!
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    I think to house dad bought is a little small

    No...that is plenty big enough for a cat! Might be big enough for two.
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    Grieving a family member...(and a request)

    So many members of this forum have been exactly where you are today. To have to put a sick pet down is something that no human should ever have to do. Of all the decisions I have had to make in my long life, euthanizing a pet is without a doubt one of the most difficult things ever. It breaks...
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    Cheers to Cheetah

    The "Rainbow Bridge" is for stray and feral cats, just as it is for the finest breed of housecat I am sure they will be happily accepted, and well cared for there. God bless you for taking good care of them while they were on this side of THE bridge! I know there are thousand of us "cat...
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    Rest in peace my sweet kitty

    Oh my, those beautiful emerald eyes! Surely they put a spell upon all those she cast them on. Fiona was, is, and will always will be that lovely, beautiful friend you had on this old planet...if for only such a short time. I know how a loss such as this affects us humans. I've had much practice...
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    Lost my buddy today

    Mojo was a very handsome old gentleman cat. I would guess those beautiful blue Siamese eyes would cast a spell on any human they came in contact with. He was surely a wonderful friend, and true companion! It is always difficult to let our fur babies go. I have had to do this more times in my...
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    Trying to socialize a feral kitten, but need advice and encouragement

    In the just past three weeks or so, the wife and I got young tom to come inside the house for food, water, and "attention". We have been working with him for six months or more. He is small, probably born in November or December of 2019, and he was starved. We had been placing food and water out...
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    Cat has become lethargic / depressed

    Had the same problem with a 10 year old male about three months ago. Vet gave him a steroid injection and a round of oral antibiotics. He was OK in about a week...He may very well have been OK without the Vet's care, but I couldn't take that chance with my old friend "Charley Cat".
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    Trapped feral and brought to new home, NOW WHAT?!

    di and bob: I believe that you are doing about as good a job of taking of that kitty as anyone could do. You might consider putting a radio out there for some "easy listening" for him. We always leave the radio on at a low volume for the housecats that let us live in their house if we are...