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  1. moxiewild

    My colony has disappeared

    The food doesn’t go to waste. It goes to another colony after I pick up the bowls. It’s hard to stop when they have a history of disappearing and coming back. I also care about these guys very much, and most of them still need to be fixed. They’re all only semi-feral too, and the two girls...
  2. moxiewild

    My colony has disappeared

    Hey everyone. Just need to vent. A very small colony of mine has recently disappeared one-by-one over the last month. Initially there were 6 adults with an undetermined amount of kittens. 3 kittens were able to be socialized and adopted, but the others disappeared. One of the adults...
  3. moxiewild

    Mysterious illness among 19 cats

    Annnd, now we’re up to 11 vomiting. :( The good news is, two of the first ones to get sick seem to be eating more now and haven’t thrown up again. Hoping that’s a sign this just needs to run its course and will resolve soon 🤞🏼
  4. moxiewild

    Giardia - treatment and sanitizing?

    I’ve worked with giardia a lot in a shelter environment, and then last year I had an outbreak among 16 immunocompromised cats in my home (the outbreak was simultaneously happening alongside ringworm and a highly resistant roundworm, as well). 1. Yes, giardia can cause an increase in appetite...
  5. moxiewild

    Urgent - Animal Control Warned Me

    If you have too many cats, you might also check local ordinance to see whether they have an “excess animal” permit that you can apply for. Sometimes it’s called a kennel permit (yes, for cats too!) or similar. You usually have to pay a yearly fee, but it’s not too bad. I’m going through the...
  6. moxiewild

    Trapped 2 feral 12-14 week old kittens

    That’s a good sign! The really feral kittens can take a week or more to eat in front of you! Just be absolutely sure she is prepared and committed. Send her here to search the forums, as this comes up A LOT. I personally socialize mine before adoption, because finding people who I believe are...
  7. moxiewild

    alot of middening

    Ammonia can repel, but it can also encourage marking with some cats. And these cars sound unneutered, so there may be elevated risk. @japam Cat deterrents are worth a shot. Scat mat, air cans, orange peels, motion detection sprinklers, etc, or a combination of several might help!
  8. moxiewild

    Mysterious illness among 19 cats

    Definitely doesn’t hurt to try different water! We’ll try bottled water for a bit to see if it helps!
  9. moxiewild

    Mysterious illness among 19 cats

    More cats have stopped eating and started vomiting :( Of the 19 cats: - 10 have vomited multiple times (there are some “unclaimed” puke spots, but we’ve witnessed 10 specific cats now) - 11 are not eating or hardly eating (all but two of these have also vomited) - 2 with behavioral changes...
  10. moxiewild

    Mysterious illness among 19 cats

    Yep, we’ve had a full PCR on two of them, and got the results Thursday and Friday, and nothing. The way we do litterboxes limits opportunity for transmission. It’s very broken up throughout the day and also split between us. Not impossible of course, though. Also, maybe I wasn’t clear - the...
  11. moxiewild

    Mysterious illness among 19 cats

    So we currently have 19 cats in the house right now. 12 have free roam of most of the house, 3 are in one large room together, another 3 are in individual bedrooms, and 1 is in a bathroom and hallway. Earlier this week, my boyfriend was very tired, and rather than feeding the usual wet food...
  12. moxiewild

    Feeling like a heel..

    Where I’m the south (generally) are you, if you don’t mind sharing?
  13. moxiewild

    help! I need to remove a flea collar on my feral

    Another option - Ask your vet if they will prescribe gabapentin to allow you to try to remove the collar. Isolate kitty in a room, feed them food with the medication mixed in, and wait. You may ask if your vet would be willing to give several doses in case she refuses some of the food at...
  14. moxiewild

    Urgent - Animal Control Warned Me

    I was going to suggest this too. Is there anywhere remotely near the lot where you can feed, even just discreetly? If you can lure them away from their typical area, that may be your best bet for right now. Do you know your local ordinance for feeding strays/ferals? I was also going to...
  15. moxiewild

    Need help identifying if a bald patch on kitten is ringworm or not

    It could be, yes. How quickly did it develop? It’s impossible to diagnose skin issues by sight alone, so best to take the kitten to the vet. Quarantine her from your resident kitty for now, and wash hands after visiting with her. Ringworm is not a big deal whatsoever, so if it is that, don’t...
  16. moxiewild

    Not Eating

    Did the vet give him any medication? Typically cerenia (anti-nausea) and something like sucralfate or omeprazole are given to protect the gut and allow it to heal. It’s not uncommon for them to be nauseous and have pain in the intestines and esophagus after ingesting (and vomiting up) string...
  17. moxiewild

    My neutered male has a love affair with blankets and pillows

    Totally normal, and not a sexual behavior! Many neutered males continue to knead, bite, and hump soft objects!
  18. moxiewild

    Stray Cat Aggression

    Do you see male anatomy? It is usually pretty obvious, especially if unneutered. If it’s an unneutered male, the bahavior may be solved after he is fixed. It doesn’t sound like this is “true” aggression, so that’s a good sign. This sort of behavior can (typically) be trained out of them...
  19. moxiewild

    How does ringworm work?

    Here is another great source in addition to the ones neely linked above - Ringworm - University of Wisconsin Madison Shelter Medicine Program