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  1. alphonse

    Does my kitten have breathing problems?

    My three month old Kitten has this unique quiet snort. But only when he's awake. I'm worried he may have breathing problems... Is this normal for some cats? 
  2. alphonse

    Confused/Concerned... New Kitten...

    Okay... I just got a new Kitten and Alphonse is completely cool with him and Kamina (Ca-Mee-Nah) loves her right back but she's always had a licking problem where she grooms people/animals and now that there is a new kitten she just grooms him... But recently while grooming him, if he tries to...
  3. alphonse

    I have a kitten! and it's hard to describe the little guy...

    My owner just got me a baby brother! His name is Kamina (Ca-Mee-Nah) and he's really cute but he's hard to describe...   His whole family has similar markings I thought maybe it was a special breed Kitty but i can't find him anywhere! They all have a butterfly-like head marking. My little...
  4. alphonse

    Thinking about getting a friend for my female cat.

    I have a female cat. Alphonse is 1 year three months old. She comes from a house full with four other animals (Two dogs and two cats). I think she has been feeling a tad lonely and wants someone to play with (besides me). I want to get her a friend but don't know if I should get an adult or a...
  5. alphonse

    My cat is starting to get aggressively playful and attacking people.

    She was fine for the first few months after I moved, then she started attacking me and then others. I play with her quite a bit, and I'm home all the time. She is starting to attack friends that are just sitting there. She tends to target feet. I'm getting really upset because I have bite and...
  6. alphonse

    My cat is bugging me when i'm trying to sleep

    It's okay when I first go to sleep but then during the night she starts playing with my feet, and laying on my face. she never used to do this. I haven't had a decent night sleep in a while.... any tips? :help: And to be honest I do get mad at her and lock her in the bathroom and I know I...
  7. alphonse

    She's not biting aggressively but it's still hard and hurts.

    I'll be petting my Alphonse and she loves her cheeks and neck rubbed, but she'll instantly try to put my fingers in her mouth were she starts to chew on them. I don't know if I'm over stimulating her. She also attacks my feet but that's only play. She has always done that. She uses her mouth a lot.
  8. alphonse

    Sibling seperation, What would be the best way to do this?

    I'm moving soon into an apartment with my mom and my cat is moving with me, but she has a brother who is staying with the family I'm living with. I don't want her to be too stressed over moving, and I could really use some tips. Help me 
  9. alphonse

    What does my cat look like?? Im curious :)

    She's got long fur on the pads of her paws and she very vocal. I wondered if she was a specific breed or what?