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  1. fastnoc

    Dirty Litter Container

    This is lightly off topic but i thought you might be able to help. I am in need of something to help thwart the stinkies. Right now i feed my cats in my office during the day. they eat this nasty smelling wet food. But it leaves stinky empties in the trash. up till now I've just put a...
  2. fastnoc

    I've Been Super Busy Lately. My Cat Has Been Screaming At Me

    He is so cute. he stays by me 24/7. I even put a shelf up in the same exact spot i had one at the old house. He won't even go to it now because he demands to lay right next to my hand. I've been busy lately, and I mean busy. working from about 4am, to literally 10pm or later. He senses my...
  3. fastnoc

    Need 3 harnesses and 3 leashes, need suggestions

    Since i'm moving in 3 weeks, it's time to get this done. I want to put harnesses on all 3 cats, and keep leashes with the carriers just in case. I have one gorilla at 21 pounds, one medium sized cat and one dainty one. I need recommendations on good harnesses, i scoured amazon and even...
  4. fastnoc

    Moving, need advice quickly (well couple days) I have 3 cats to move 1300 miles

    I've resigned to being stuck putting my cats in a truck. I hate this, but no other way i can think of to do this. I don't know the best way to approach. The crate has to be big enough to hold a small food and water dish and a throw away litter box (probably something like those tin turkey pans...
  5. fastnoc

    Thought I'd share

    Eight years ago (almost 9) i came here asking for help on what to do with kittens. This is my best buddy Wilbur   I'll give him this, he doesn't give up
  6. fastnoc

    Need advice on moving with cats

    I've got 3 little monsters. two are brother and sister (tinker and Wilbur) and one is a stray we brought in and adopted. they do NOT like each other. so Wilbur and Tinker are fine together, but pickle doesn't like any other cats So here's my dilemma. I'm moving my mother to Arizona in a couple...
  7. fastnoc

    Diabetic Insulin conversion chart

    Does anyone have any idea where I could find this? I don't know if it matters, i am using U40 syringes and ProZinc Insulin. I am starting to check my little boy's glucose myself because he's had two seizures I believe are diabetic in nature (but he is also epileptic). I can check his blood...
  8. fastnoc

    Pickle seems to be plenty comfortable in her enclosure now.

    it's funny, you can tell when a cat is still a bit unsure about where they're staying. they don't move around a lot and lay pretty much just curled up. Then they get comfy and start doing this :p
  9. fastnoc

    I'm a very lucky guy.

    I feed feral and strays around here. few months ago a cute stray moved into my heated cat enclosure outside. last Wednesday I noticed she was lethargic. Then i notice bite marks on her. Took her to the vet. She'd been attacked by a large animal. Had puncture wound under left ear, on right...
  10. fastnoc

    Pickle (my stray) has had some trauma. the poor thing

    Every day Pickle sleeps in her enclosure if it's cold, or a plush cat bed I put out if it's warm enough. She leaves when the sun comes up, takes off to do her cat things, and comes back around the evening time. yesterday she came back and slept, but there was something just 'off' about it. i...
  11. fastnoc

    Wilbur got famous . well sort of

    I made this picture and put it on reddit and he got to the front page :) So, famous for him. He seems to like it.
  12. fastnoc

    Question about my new friend

    So i've got this stray (thought she was feral but there's no way) and she lives outside. I made her a nice cat house that's heated and insulated (threw away the one I bought and built her a nice one). she's happy and healthy, but she's FILTHY. her head smells like oil because she runs under...
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  14. fastnoc

    My Feral brought me a ..... gift ..... not sure what to do.

    I put some catnip out so i could get a couple pics of my new little friend. She LOVES catnip and rolls all over in it. But today she showed up with a dead mouse, and put it right by the door. what should I do with it? I don't want to bum her out?
  15. fastnoc

    Update on my feral friend

    I posted a thread last week about this feral that I've been caring for. She's got stomatitis, fleas and worms.  Here is the original thread I got shots for the stomatitis (but it's a life long sickness and will always...
  16. fastnoc

    need help with my cats

    I've had these two cats (brother/sister) since they were a few days old. bottle fed them, raised them to now (4.5 years) and everything is fine. They cuddled, slept together, stood together and looked out the window together.. everything. They have never had even a squabble. never heard either...
  17. fastnoc

    couple questions about my little feral.

    I got my feral to start trusting me, and holy crud did I open the love gates up. She sat in my lap for 3 hours today, TWICE. I took my laptop outside because there's a big stray dog that keeps scaring her and I figured if I sat out there she'd feel safer. But there are two things that I'm...
  18. fastnoc

    OK I'm not sure how to handle this one

    I have been caring for ferals around here for a few years now. Thankfully crazy cat lady moved and took her herd with her. I was up to using 8 cans of cat food per day. It's not the cat's fault their owners are stupid. but they were left to roam our complex, so I felt the need to feed them...
  19. fastnoc

    I missed posting here. So Here's Tinker saying high.

    I used to come here all the time, but with the new forum software I stopped. But I miss the people. :( Tinker says hi!