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  1. fastnoc

    Dirty Litter Container

    This is lightly off topic but i thought you might be able to help. I am in need of something to help thwart the stinkies. Right now i feed my cats in my office during the day. they eat this nasty smelling wet food. But it leaves stinky empties in the trash. up till now I've just put a...
  2. fastnoc

    Follow Along As Maggie Grows

    @tarasgirl06 I didn't know about that fact (siamese darkening/lightening) until this litter. I had no idea they started all white then the color came in. That is bizarre. Maggie is going to be a stunner that's for sure.
  3. fastnoc

    Follow Along As Maggie Grows

    Ohh ok i thought i missed something and she got sick after you got her. Makes sense now. Where I lived in Arkansas i was tending to at least 10 strays and ferals. it was awful. That's how I ended up with my 3rd cat. Where I live now is in Sun City Arizona. i have not seen a single cat or dog...
  4. fastnoc

    Follow Along As Maggie Grows

    I probably missed it but how old is she now? I'm glad she's feeling better! I have a pile of pictures i took of this litter. there was at least 2 dads. 4 of them started out pure white, 3 were tabbies and one tuxedo male. Here's a pic showing how fast that white faded. don't remember the...
  5. fastnoc

    Follow Along As Maggie Grows

    Maggie sure turned out to be one stunning cat! Kind of reminds me of a certain someone i had around when I was fostering. not sure why it won't display. I'm uploading it instead Mine didn't come out the same as yours. I really like the colors yours grew into! that's awesome
  6. fastnoc

    I've Been Super Busy Lately. My Cat Has Been Screaming At Me

    He is so cute. he stays by me 24/7. I even put a shelf up in the same exact spot i had one at the old house. He won't even go to it now because he demands to lay right next to my hand. I've been busy lately, and I mean busy. working from about 4am, to literally 10pm or later. He senses my...
  7. My cat as diabetes

    My cat as diabetes

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  11. fastnoc

    My cat as diabetes

    One more thing I want to add. As far as being helpful that's so awesome that people stayed up all night with you. BUt I want to mention too, when i first started fostering I was posting here (2008) and I had a pregnant mom with what turned out to be 8 babies. I was terrified when she went into...
  12. fastnoc

    My cat as diabetes

    @Jamesharvey   I have to say, you hit the nail on the head about vets not being that educated in some cases. the vet I was using, I found out after 2.5 years, and just about to move across the country the vet there (who was not young) had only treated 3 cats with diabetes in her entire career...
  13. fastnoc

    My cat as diabetes

    Wow didn't expect a tag from here :) been awhile! Yep my Wilbur has Diabetes. While I'm not going to even enter the debate on whether it's real or the same in humans or not, it's irrelevant to me. what I know is my cat has too much glucose in his blood and will die if I don't treat him, so i...
  14. fastnoc

    8 years cooped up in a house. 8 years sticking his nose in the door. I get a house with a garage, le

    yep he's in purvana in there. I ended up letting all 3 in there. WIlbur, Tinker and Pickle. they had a blast! it was so fun watching them. I just have to make sure I don't let them in if I open the garage door. And i also found it's much easier getting them IN the garage, then getting them...
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  16. fastnoc

    Need 3 harnesses and 3 leashes, need suggestions

    No those  listed work just fine. i measured their necks and got the right size   I got one large (for wilbur) and two medium for Tinker and Pickle :) THANK YOU  
  17. fastnoc

    Need 3 harnesses and 3 leashes, need suggestions

    Since i'm moving in 3 weeks, it's time to get this done. I want to put harnesses on all 3 cats, and keep leashes with the carriers just in case. I have one gorilla at 21 pounds, one medium sized cat and one dainty one. I need recommendations on good harnesses, i scoured amazon and even...
  18. fastnoc

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    Yup I did it wrong. Above i meant to type @Rosiemac  . I'm referring to the very vocal cat rosie :) with her brother Jack I think