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  1. mrsgreenjeens

    5 months old teething or sick ?

    Agreed. While kittens are teething, they aren't typically lethargic and still bounce off the walls playing. A vet visit is definitely in order.
  2. mrsgreenjeens

    Constipation in senior cat

    Are you dissolving the Restoralax in a little bit of water before adding it to his food? And are you sure he's getting it all in? It has no odor or taste so should not be a problem adding it to his food at all, once dissolved. That all by itself should really do the trick, at least it works...
  3. mrsgreenjeens

    Best food for cat with CKD

    Well I'm glad she doesn't have kidney disease after all, but it IS concerning about the other issue discovered :frown: Did they give her a B12 shot yesterday. That usually helps with the appetite pretty quickly, and I know IBD cats typically need B12. Just in case, here is some good...
  4. mrsgreenjeens

    Newer cat with worms?

    Can you CALL the vet you trust and just ask them for a flea med? You probably don't need an appointment for a prescription, just tell them what you are seeing. Did you relocate or something, is that why you have a new Vet now? You absolutely need a Vet you can trust. Maybe ask some friends...
  5. mrsgreenjeens

    Best food for cat with CKD

    We never needed to use phosphorus binders, even though some of their food was higher in phos than I liked. But we did feed a large variety of foods, some quite low in phos, so I guess it all evened out. I can't say if not feeding a kidney diet shortened their lives or not. All three of them...
  6. mrsgreenjeens

    Best food for cat with CKD

    I've had three kidney cats and always contended that the prescription diets were half the reason kidney cats get so thin. My Vet finally agreed with me (that they didn't need the prescription foods) after attending several conferences on the topic. Aside from that, (at which time we were on...
  7. mrsgreenjeens

    Cat diet

    I guess the real question is, before adding in the Renal food, how was she doing on the mix of foods? If she was doing fine, then adding in just one additional food shouldn't be an issue. If she doesn't get the gastrointestinal food, does she then have the bowel issues? THAT is the real...
  8. mrsgreenjeens

    Senior Cat Food?

    Of all the cats I've ever had, I've never fed any of them senior food. I just don't feel it's necessary. Personally, I think it's kind of marketing hype. And I have read different articles on it. Mainly the articles written by cat food manufacturers say they need different nutrients...
  9. mrsgreenjeens

    Using liquid marshmallow root

    I don't know anything about liquid marshmallow root, although I do give my guys a digestive aid with it as an ingredient. Sorry, I can't even find anything at all on the internet about strictly liquid marmallow root for pets. I did, however, find this thread about it in powder form that you...
  10. mrsgreenjeens


    Every cat heals at a different rate from ringworm. To be absolutely sure, you might check in again with the Vet. They can give you the "all clear"
  11. mrsgreenjeens

    Achoo! Cat with Allergies Advice Please!

    I am not giving any of my cats allergy meds, but would like to ask a question and give a couple of comments anyway. Are the injections into the scruff or into muscle? If you gave your diabetic cats insulin shots, I'm guessing that was into the scruff, which they barely feel, if at all. If...
  12. mrsgreenjeens

    Leaky Cat

    If it smells horrendous, that sounds like he might be spraying. Spraying doesn't smell like urine, or so I'm told. It smell terrible, from what I've read. Now when you say leaking, are you finding little puddles around, or is his fur wet, or what's the indicator? Is he still using the...
  13. mrsgreenjeens

    Kitty with sensitive tummy keeps losing weight

    Kitten food is actually very nutritious, so I wouldn't worry about feeding that for her entire life if that's all she will eat, however, the fact that she is now losing weight is worrisome. You definitely need to get a Vet involved at this point, because losing weight when eating consistenly is...
  14. mrsgreenjeens

    is my cat's testicles swollen?

    You have attached two pictures. Are we talking about the cat on the right? Is he neutered?
  15. mrsgreenjeens

    Parasite prevention

    Here are a couple threads about flea and tick prevention: flea and Tick prevention Revolution Not Working What Should I Try
  16. mrsgreenjeens

    Just curious

    I agree! Hopefully by now you have already done that. If so, what did they say?
  17. mrsgreenjeens

    My cat might be constipated

    Yes, six days of not pooping, especially in a kitten, would definitely cause some changes. Slowing down in eating, possibly some lethargy, and certainly a bigger belly. I think he must be going outside. As to your mother's concern that neutering would cause him to lose his "spark" and energy...
  18. mrsgreenjeens

    My cat might be constipated

    Sorry to be so long in responding. Has there been any change since you posted yesterday? Unfortunately, since he does go outside, there really is no way of knowing whether or not he may be pooping out there. The only way of knowing whether or not he has a problem is to keep him inside so you...
  19. mrsgreenjeens

    Help transition to different dry food?

    It is hard to say how much to feed her because cans of wet food vary vastly in the amount of calories they contain. At 11 years o age I'm guessing she's not too active, but could be wrong. If that's the case, you might want to feed about 220 to 250 calories per day, assuming she's her perfect...
  20. mrsgreenjeens

    OTC Food for Kidneys

    I would highly recommend that you only feed wet food as kidney cats need as much hydration as possible. Since he is a candidate for kidney disease, might as well get an early start on that. As far as the right food, anything he will eat. Since I've had three kidney cats, I learned early that...