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  1. rickr

    Any insights into Lucy's cute and unusual new behavior?

    A bit of background before I get to my question.  My beautiful 7 year old black girl, Lucy, is a bottle fed baby.  Other than the occasional late night catawauller and a sonorous purr, she rarely vocalizes.  Instead of talking, Lucy shows me what she wants.  First she will gain my attention...
  2. rickr

    DIY Cat Self-Scratcher

    A friend sent me a link to this video that describes how to make a simple self-scratcher for your cat using wooden cleaning brushes.  I haven't made one yet, but it looks like something my cats would enjoy.  Yours might too.
  3. rickr

    Bird feeders and rats?

    We have 4 bird feeders. 3 hang from shepherd's hooks near windows to entertain Archie and Lucy; 1 hangs from a tree further from the house. We've had the feeders for years.  The cats love them.   The other night, Archie woke me up at dark-o-clock pounding on the window beside my bed.  He stood...
  4. rickr

    Nutrition and UTI - Seeking Advice

    First off, I wasn't sure if this thread belongs in Cat Health or Cat Nutrition.  Apologies if it is misplaced. Poor Lucy.  She contracted a UTI.  Friday night, I noticed that she took a long time to urinate.  Frequent and long trips to the litter box with minimal elimination. There were no...
  5. rickr

    Why Did American Cats Get Blamed for So Many Divorces

    Why Did American Cats Get Blamed for So Many Divorces​...amusing story from the Atlas Obscura.
  6. rickr

    Can you add the Ripple Rug to the review section

    Thanks in advance.
  7. rickr

    Meet Smalls - a heartwarming story about rescued kitty with a birth defect

    This is a wonderful story with a happy ending about Mouse (AKA Smalls) who was born with a birth defect that stunted the growth of his front legs. Thanks to some caring folks, he was rescued and eventually found his forever home.  The video is especially touching; you will probably need a hanky...
  8. rickr

    Cats in Black and White (B&W photos)

    No, I don't mean tuxedo cats, I'm talking about B&W photos of your beautiful companion.  I couldn't find a thread dedicated to black and white pictures, so I thought I'd start one.  Here's a few of mine.  I look forward to seeing your cats in black and white.  Archie enjoying the setting sun...
  9. rickr

    Changes to Tidy Cats Litter Formulation?

    We've used Tidy Cats litter for ages.  I like this brand because it produces very little dust and Archie and Lucy tolerate it.  But about a month ago, after buying a replacement container, I noticed a giant dust cloud when I poured the litter into the the cat boxes.  At first I thought it was my...
  10. rickr

    Can you add the FurBeGone to the review section

    Here's the Amazon link:  Thanks in advance
  11. rickr

    Thula - Portrait of a 6-year-old autistic artist and her therapy cat

    If you haven't heard about Thula, the Maine Coon therapy cat, and her autistic friend the story is definitely worth a read - it is very touching and heartwarming.  And the photographs are great too:
  12. rickr

    Any thoughts or feedback on TerraMax Omega 3 Fish Oil?

    Hi, I have been thinking about ordering Dr. Mercola Krill oil as a supplement to help with inflammation in my 5 year old tabby, Archie.  When I searched for it on Amazon, TerraMax Omega 3 Fish Oil also showed up.  Like Mercola, TerraMax comes in a pump and it's quite a bit less expensive...
  13. rickr


    I first met Spike at a friend's New Years Eve party and fell, instantly, in love with him. Sadly, he has suffered a traumatic life.  Spike was in a terrible fight, which damaged his right eye and left ear.  His owners did not want to care for a sick kitty and abandoned him.  Fortunately, some...
  14. rickr

    Manny the Selfie Cat!

    If you haven't seen Manny and his amazing selfies, it's quite a hoot.   Be sure to click thru the slide show; there are many great pictures.  Manny is quite talented.  Now I have to see if I can train Archie to operate a camera...
  15. rickr

    Has a cat ever saved your life?

    I don't mean figuratively as in the paw print that asks, "Who Rescued Who?"  I mean literally.  Here's my story. Some years ago, we shared a house with 4 or 5 cats and my tricolor collie.  One night while sleeping, I awoke to the most god-awful sound.  All of the cats were racing around the bed...
  16. rickr

    Questions about Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Food?

    I've got a nagging question about Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Food that I'm hoping members here can help me with.  I searched the forums, but didn't find a thread that addressed my specific question. My cats have been on a combination of various wet foods and Wilderness Indoor Chicken Dry food...
  17. rickr

    Anyone have recent problems with

    I had a recent problem with an order from  I thought I would see if my issue is unique or if others have experienced similar issues.   I prefer shopping at the brick & mortar store, but my near-by store has trouble maintaining stock on some items. So I occasionally order from...
  18. rickr

    Review for cat furniture

    Hi, I would like to review the cat furniture by, but can't find the products listed in the review section.  It's amazing furniture. The link to the company is: Thanks in advance.
  19. rickr

    Introducing Archie and Lucy

    Hi Everyone, I'm a long time cat caretake and new member.  I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful companions, Archie and Lucy. Archie Lucy - yes, she knows she's beautiful We live in Louisiana where I recently retired.  Now I have lots of time to dote on and photograph my cats :-)...