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  1. rosegold

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    These little cat scratcher sofas are the best purchases I’ve ever made. They sleep on them every night. :hearthrob:
  2. rosegold

    Chai Kitty

    I posted a few photos of my tattoo here: Chai Memorial Tattoo I love it so much. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful way to remember her.
  3. rosegold

    Chai Memorial Tattoo

    I was going to wait until the fancy pics the artist took came in, but I’m too impatient! I finally got my memorial tattoo of Chai a few days ago, and wanted to share it with you all. My iphone pictures truly don’t do it justice. It’s so beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. (Artist is...
  4. rosegold

    Chai Kitty

    A few days ago (the 7th) was the two year anniversary of Chai’s death. I was sad and it sucked, although I was really busy that day so I didn’t have much time to dwell on it, which I guess was good. I cried for a short time and Chilli made me smile because she immediately started being so cuddly...
  5. rosegold

    Highrise syndrome protection

    I have a similar loft in my house. I ran a long curtain rod along the ceiling and hung a sheer curtain, the bottom of which I affixed to the top ledge of the loft with command hooks, so the cats can look down from above but can’t walk along the edge. It runs all the way across the edge of the...
  6. rosegold

    Nicked kitty butt with clippers :(

    I feel so bad. I was trimming Chilli’s fluffy butt and pantaloons with pet clippers, as I often do to keep things sanitary, since she’s super good about it. I had the lowest guard on the clippers to do right around the butt, but somehow I think it scratched her little butthole. There is a tiny...
  7. rosegold

    Chai Kitty

    Chai has been in my dreams two nights in a row. The first was a pretty silly, dramatic dream that I was beheaded - but after “dying” from being beheaded, I went to a calm, friendly-looking afterlife with a lot of cats hanging out in a lush forest, including her. The second one I can’t remember...
  8. rosegold

    Empty Stomach Vomiting

    Yeah I’ve thought about that! Or perhaps cooked homemade food with an ice pack so it’s less sketchy to leave out for longer. The few I’ve looked at are super expensive, though.
  9. rosegold

    Empty Stomach Vomiting

    I’ve been trying to put my cats on more of a mealtime schedule rather than free-feeding, for weight maintenance as well as hoping to eventually transition them to raw food. However, Chilli is notorious for vomiting acid/bile if she doesn’t eat for more than a few hours. This seems to be true...
  10. rosegold

    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    I’m having my “staycation” this week so I’ve been home a lot. That means lots and lots of pictures of cute kitties sleeping :)
  11. rosegold

    Chai Kitty

    I brought Chai home two years ago today. It’s so painfully bittersweet that it hurts to think about. It’s almost a harder anniversary than her death, I think, because it’s happy and sad all at once. I just keep remembering a moment during the ride home from the shelter in the taxi, while we...
  12. rosegold

    Rehabilitation of a three legged cat

    Tiger is soooo cute! I smiled reading this thread (thanks @Talien for tagging me). So glad that he is doing well. I have a special love for tripods because of my girl Chai. She was trapped as a feral with half her leg missing, probably from a trap. She barely survived with a blood transfusion...
  13. rosegold

    Raw food pre-mix in Hong Kong

    I live in Korea and bought EZComplete from their website. I believe they ship to Hong Kong too.
  14. rosegold

    Need Advice - Treatment of Cystitis

    Hi everyone, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed after getting conflicting advice from different vets about this, not to mention from different articles and research I’ve been reading. Last Thursday morning Chilli started showing sudden signs of not feeling well. By the time I got home from work...
  15. rosegold

    Post-hairball sickness, sudden URI...?

    I ended up taking Chilli to the emergency vet because when I got home tonight she was straining to urinate and seemed to be in pain. $500 later, it looks like she has cystitis :( But we’ve got some medicine and are home now. I still feel pretty overwhelmed and worried about it so hopefully I’ll...
  16. rosegold

    Post-hairball sickness, sudden URI...?

    Yes, I have messaged my vet and waiting to hear back from him. But unfortunately I have to go to work now and won’t be back until around 10pm, so no chance of taking her today :/ I’m definitely considering asking for gabapentin next time I have to take her in.
  17. rosegold

    Post-hairball sickness, sudden URI...?

    I woke up this morning to Chilli vomiting up a hairball - it’s been many months since the last one, so I didn’t think much of it. After that, though, she became immediately sneezy and sniffly, licking her lips and acting clearly sick. She perked up for treats and did eat some breakfast, but...
  18. rosegold

    What color is this street kitty?

    Interesting! Thank you all so much! I enjoy learning about these different colors and trying to train my own eye. We are in South Korea. Are chocolate and sepia colors linked to specific breeds, or just rare mutations in general? There a lot of purebred (or “purebred”) kittens sold in pet...
  19. rosegold

    What color is this street kitty?

    I recently saw a video of this street kitten and was so curious about its color, so I took some screenshots. Any ideas? I thought it looked like a torbie with the different colored toes, but I’ve never seen one this light before.
  20. rosegold

    The Birthday Thread 2020

    Chilli turned 6 yesterday! I love my floofy girl so much. Here are some of my favorite recent-ish pics.