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    Weaning Kittens

    My kittens are almost 6 weeks old and still nursing. I was going to let them go to their new homes next weekend. Will the mom wean them? Can they go to their new homes if still nursing? They are eating dry kitten food and moist food as well, plus using the litter box. Thanks!
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    "Eye gunk" in 5 week old kittens' eyes

    Hi there. My five kittens, who are now almost 6 weeks old, keep getting "eye gunk" which closes the lid. I use a warm washcloth and gently wipe it clean and then open the lid. Does this sound like an infection that is passed from one to another? I really can't afford to take 5 kittens to the...
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    When do kittens wean?

    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your advice! Both mothers and all 8 kittens are doing great. When should I wean the babies, though? I have put small litter boxes in each room and cat food, but don't know if they are eating the kitten food or if the Moms are. Should I mix the dry with...
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    Skittish Kittens, Etc.

    Thanks to everyone for your advice! I certainly appreciate it. Here's my next question: the mother kitty keeps the babies either (i) under our bed, or (ii) under the cedar chest. Yesterday I pulled them out from under the cedar chest and noticed that the kittens are not sociable at all. I...
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    Help! Two litters at once!

    I have two litters of kittens--only 2 days apart. When (if I even should) introduce the kittens? They are 2 weeks old and will (I assume) be walking around before too long. Any advice is helpful! Also, when should I begin giving them "mushy food?" Thanks! Diane
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    When to spay?

    When should I spay the mother cat after she has had a litter? (Hope this is the right forum to post on...sorry if it isn't--I'm new.) How soon after she has the kitties can I let her outside? She's an indoor/outdoor kitty and loves to be outside. Thanks for your help!
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    Other household cats around new kittens

    My cat had 3 kittens today. I have 2 other cats (one of which is pregnant...I know, I know). How should I handle the other 2 cats in conjunction to the new kittens and mother cat? Thanks!
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    What do I feed a new mother cat?

    My cat that had 3 kittens this morning. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to feed her? Should I supplement her dry food? What about milk? Does she need additional protein? Someone told me to give her raw liver, raw ground beef, and milk with a little egg in it. Please help! I'm...