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  1. ladytimedramon

    Cats and Food

    No green bean survives the mighty huntress!
  2. ladytimedramon

    Nail trim

    Let your cat make biscuits on you with unclipped nails. Then make a decision 😜
  3. ladytimedramon

    Feline companion for cat who loves human attention?

    I've actually been having a lot of the same concerns. Based on what she does when I'm home (teaching from home for a few days due to weather), mostly she's sleeping. She just does it in the cat tree next to my desk.If I go into my bedroom for more than 30 min she follows me there. She has plenty...
  4. ladytimedramon

    Cat litter for a cat with kidney issues who pees a LOT?

    what about one of those litters where there is a pee pad at the bottom? I've seen them where there is some sort of litter on top, and a tray at the bottom. The pee goes through the litter to the pad on the tray, and the poo is scoopable on top. The pad should be easy to change more frequently...
  5. ladytimedramon

    Help needed... cat needs to drink more water.

    Also look at different styles of fountains. First fountain I got my cat ran away from. She's more comfortable with something that's a "slow waterfall into a bowl" than a "faucet-like stream". She likes her current fountain but because it's plastic and hard to clean, I'm getting a different one...
  6. ladytimedramon

    Weird Eating Behavior

    Sometimes Delilah takes a mouthful of food and puts it down, then seems to take smaller bites eating it up. Weirdly yesterday she took a mouthful jumped out of her cat tree to the floor, took smaller bites, then went back up and finished her bowl.
  7. ladytimedramon

    Looking at new fountains - suggestions needed please

    I currently have a fountain for Delilah. This is the model we have. The good: it holds a lot of water, it's fairly quiet, and Delilah will drink from it. The bad: it's made from plastic, it's really hard to clean (the plastic gets really bad mineral buildup that is hard to get off), taking...
  8. ladytimedramon

    Cat litter with least amount of dust?

    When it comes to tracking, have you also tried changing your litter mat? Everything was tracking. Then I realized that Delilah was jumping OVER the mat 8 times out of 10. Apparently she didn't like the feel of the mat on her paws. I purchased a different texture pad and now she just steps out...
  9. ladytimedramon

    Food frustration...

    Shes been really weird about eating wet food in her timed feeder. At first she would totally ignore it and either make me crazy or eat her cat grass. Since I've been stuck at home (Texas weather) what I've been testing out is holding back a spoonful of wet from her major meals, then putting it...
  10. ladytimedramon

    Crave Cat Food Shorage?

    Seriously? Good thing I already started transitioning Delilah to other foods.
  11. ladytimedramon

    Food frustration...

    She's definitely a variety girl. I rarely feed her the same thing in a row. Right now her diet is being determined by the weather. I was low on food, and the winter storm was about to hit. I didn't want to go running around with impending weather so I consolidated all shopping at the...
  12. ladytimedramon

    Fancy Feast Shortages?

    I was in the supermarket today to pick up supplies prior to incoming bad weather and there was a bunch of fancy feast. Because I didn't want to run from store to store and she's gone into fussy mode, I grabbed the fancy feast.
  13. ladytimedramon

    Food frustration...

    That's kind of what I was doing, but she put on a lot of weight. With one perfect portion she was acting like "Is that it?" Oddly, she won't eat wet food out of a timed feeder.
  14. ladytimedramon

    Food frustration...

    I thought Delilah was enjoying the new food (Weruva). 3 weeks later and she won't touch it. Its like a flavor I gave her 3 days ago and she licked the bowl, now she sniffs and walks away. Her weight still needs to come down, which is why I tried switching foods and giving her larger less...
  15. ladytimedramon

    How do I cat-proof my 1 bedroom apartment?

    Delilah was 2 1/2 when I adopted her. An older cat helps. I was also very specific about my needs when I went to adopt at the humane society. Delilah has her kitty crazies but when I'm on zoom she settles down and supervises. She and I connected right off the bat. It took us a couple of weeks...
  16. ladytimedramon

    How do I cat-proof my 1 bedroom apartment?

    A lot of it depends on the cat. I'm in a 1 bedroom apartment as well. I'm a first time cat owner, and I've had Delilah since April. The most damage I have on any furniture is a couple of small marks on my sofa from when Delilah jumped up and had a claw tip that was at dagger length. She has a...
  17. ladytimedramon

    1 big meal or 2 smaller meals?

    I did try that. When she figured it out, she finished it in the first hour and ate the rest of her cat grass by the time I got home. She seems to be adjusting to the changed timing and portions. If she doesn't finish it all immediately she comes back to it later. I'm also gradually reducing the...
  18. ladytimedramon

    Cat litter with least amount of dust?

    I havent noticed much dust with World's Best. If you don't like scents don't get the lavender. Weird point I noticed. When you get a tight vacuum sealed pack that is practically a block, the scent is MUCH stronger than when it's loose (like it didn't vacuum well).
  19. ladytimedramon

    Food with similar texture to Hill’s A/D

    Weruva's pates are very mousse-like in consistency. Delilah won't eat pate most of the time but she'll eat most of these, as long as it's the "hydrating puree". Once in a while there are some flavors with a chunk or 2 (the chicken and chicken liver had 3 or 4 pieces of liver) that would be easy...