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  1. tatonka1233

    5 year old Female Cat acting strange

    Hi, I have a spayed female cat named Duracell, lately she has been more lazy that usual. She likes to wait by a door or gate for someone to open it, even if it takes 5 minutes. She will go by her litterbox and lick the carpet, where litter is. I make her stop but she will go back and do it...
  2. tatonka1233


    My orange kitten, Nutmeg had passed away yesterday morning. I called nearby vet clinics to see if I could get a necropsy done to see what happened. He was 5 months old and full of life and he just passed away. I was able to get in and get one done. They had called me afterwards saying they had...
  3. tatonka1233

    Update on Nutmeg

    Nutmeg has unfortunately passed away this morning. I had gotten a necropsy done and I was told that he had Lymphoma.
  4. tatonka1233

    6 month old female kitten is acting strange

    Hi guys, I have a 6 month old female kitten that hasn’t been acting herself lately. If you had seen my earlier post, i had rescued her and her brother Nutmeg from outside and started raising them inside around September 1st. She has been kept separate from my dogs that I have because the one is...
  5. tatonka1233

    3 month Male Kitten won't use Litterbox

    I have a 3 month old kitten named Nutmeg. Originally he was an outside kitten that wasn't very friendly, Around September 3rd he was injured in some way and he had bruised back legs, causing him to not walk at all. You would think his spine was broke, but after 3 weeks of TLC he is now running...