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  1. Mr. Meow

    post funny picture and memes here

    Captain Jack finally got his hat today!
  2. Mr. Meow

    How strong is your cat? Tell your story.

    You're lucky you only get it to the stomach 😬 Nothing says "good morning!" like a 4am shot to the jewels. But, Echo's superpower is having x-ray vision, despite having no eyes. Amazingly accurate in pouncing on toys and her brothers and sisters, and every now and then, you swear she's looking...
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    So many questions - but how can I entertain a feral kitten?

    This adventure could be a great book!
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    Featured New feral scaring away the cat we intend to adopt. Help?

    Cats who are used to being outside seem to do better when they still have some type of access to the outside. If you built an enclosed area on your deck, one that you could let him in but no other cat could get to, he may feel much safer. His "house" and his food would safe from other cats. You...
  5. Mr. Meow

    Featured New feral scaring away the cat we intend to adopt. Help?

    Do his trips indoors include food and water? If not, try adding that near his blanket. Also, do you have the ability to build an outdoor catio?
  6. Mr. Meow

    Progress integrating a third cat - what are the residents saying?

    From what I'm reading, you're doing everything you're supposed to. Controlled and supervised interactions, you're taking it slow, etc. The whaps to the head are normal from an adult to a kitten, basically telling them I'm the boss. As long as there's no fur or blood flying, then there's no harm...
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    What is going on with her gums!?

    Yep! Brushing your cats teeth on the regular. Which is easier said than done with most cats. There are some good articles on this site on ways to go about it and the tools you'll need. There's also toys that act like "floss" when your cat chews on them and some foods/treats can be helpful as...
  8. Mr. Meow

    What is going on with her gums!?

    While it may be frustrating, cats cope perfectly well without teeth. 3 of my 5 are missing some/most of their teeth for one reason or another. They just enjoy more wet food and when they try to "play bite", it's adorable to watch lol. At least you'll be dealing with it in what appears to be the...
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    Featured New feral scaring away the cat we intend to adopt. Help?

    How much interaction are you getting with your kitty? Can you pet him? Does he play with toys? Has he ever been inside of your house? Just trying to figure out if bringing your kitty inside now is a viable option.
  10. Mr. Meow

    What is going on with her gums!?

    For an 8 month old kitten, I want to say that's too young for periodontal disease, but that's exactly what it looks like to me. I know there's juvenile gingivitis and juvenile periodontal disease, so you might want to send those pictures to a vet and possibly discuss having her teeth cleaned
  11. Mr. Meow

    Kitty just ate scotch tape

    That's good. Still keep an eye on her. Anything a cat swallows that is string-like in nature can cause blockages or get wrapped around internal organs, and both can be extremely serious and costly to take care of.
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    Featured New feral scaring away the cat we intend to adopt. Help?

    By "adopt", do you mean make your cat an indoor/outdoor cat, or will he strictly still be outdoors? The problem with taking care of ferals is that word travels fast when there's food, shelter and safe places to nap. If you're going to keep yours outdoors all the time, you might end up having...
  13. Mr. Meow

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Unfortunately, Ohio is who's screwing us in this field. I think it was Indiana (or maybe Kentucky) that the next group that opens up includes anyone who has a job that's considered essential, so anyone driving a truck, any grocery store workers, fast food workers etc.
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    Cats miss me or circadian rythms?

    No no no, that's just crazy talk lol
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Don't get me wrong, I want people who are most at risk to get the vaccine. I'd even hold off a bit IF I was eligible. I'm 37 and healthy, so I don't worry as much about myself. In the "death care" industry, there are a lot of people who really should be getting it, but they aren't seen as...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    NASA! 😍
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    Goodbye Sweet Murray

    You did right by him. There's not a person on this planet who knew him better than you. And after all of those years watching over him, there's no doubt in my mind he's now watching over you. We're always here for you ❤️
  18. Mr. Meow

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I'm still tested every week as well, but even though I'm in direct contact with people who have died from covid, and their families (who may have it as well), I'm not allowed to get a vaccine any time soon 🙁
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    Thank God there's a venting section because I'm about to rip someone at Lowes a new one. It's so incredibly difficult to take time off at my job, but I called in a bunch of favors so I could have a new stackable washer and dryer delivered (my old washer was leaking bleach and water on my floor...
  20. Mr. Meow

    Necropsy Results

    Depends. Did you take it to a vet who will have to send the animal out for a necropsy, or directly to a place that does it?