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    Cookie kittens thread

    I am going to take after sadieandziggy and dedicate one thread to my new Mommy and her babies. Cookie came out to see me and it gave me an opportunity to snap some pictures of the babies alone. I think this is a pretty good one: The black baby is in the back and kind of hard to see. The...
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    Nail Clipping

    I read somewhere that I should clip the kittens' nails so they don't scratch up Momma and cause her to possibly stop nursing them. I bought some baby nail clippers last night and would like to know if anyone knows when I should start clipping them, how often, and how I should go about it...
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    I Finally Have Kittens!

    Cookie is having her kittens! She has 2 little black and white angels so far! They look just like their momma! I'm SO excited, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that! I will post pictures when she is all done!
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    Pooing outside litter box?

    Cookie seems to be missing the litterbox a lot today. She poos right outside of it; a couple minutes ago there was even some on the edge of the box, like she was pooing on her way in or out, but mostly got the floor. Any ideas?
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    Update, please help!

    I went in to check on Cookie (she lost her mucous plug last night) and she laid on the floor on her side and lifted her back leg towards her head like she was going to clean herself. She just laid there like that, on her side with her leg lifted, for a couple minutes and then finally brought...
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    Finally a definite sign!

    I just went to check Cookie (as is our nightly ritual) and I noticed a red thing stuck to her fur. I tried to pull it off but its all dried up and stuck pretty good and I didn't want to hurt her. It obviously came out of her vagina and is being followed by some thick white discharge! I'm...
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    Reason for Excitement?

    I just caught Cookie nesting in my bedroom. I noticed that her belly was convulsing and making rippling motions from the front to the back. The babies are moving A LOT. She followed me back into the living area and is under the stool she always sleeps under and is now eating some canned food...
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    Squatting in litter box

    Cookie just went and squatting in the litter box right after I cleaned it out. She didn't do anything and after a few seconds gave up. She had a little more discharge this morning but seems fine. She didn't eat a whole lot when I put her food in front of her but she is just laying on the...
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    My Cruiser

    This is my baby boy, my great dane/lab mix. He is 5 months old. At about 3 months: 7 weeks: Now:
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    Eye Gunk

    I have a cat that is probably going to give birth to her kittens any day now. She has a good amount of brownish eye gunk and sneezes occasionally. I am doing some research now and will speak with the vet tomorrow morning when I bring my puppy to get neutered. Anyone have any ideas as to...
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    Cookie's babies are VERY active. I place a hand on her belly or just watch and it is just constant kicking and what feels like rolling even! Does she really still have a little over a week before she delivers?
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    Pregnant cat and blood

    I took in a young pregnant cat that was dumped. The vet gave her a perfect bill of health last Wednesday and she has been fine since. She is due last this week, early next week. Her teets are still VERY dry. A few minutes ago I found a couple drops of blood on the floor that I am pretty sure...