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  1. donnae

    Cats In Showers

    Does your cat likes to hang out in more than just a sink? Maybe the shower after you're done? Or maybe he prefers to be in there when the water is running? Capt. Jack will sit on the bench if I let him, but his favorite spot is the niche. Major Tom, though, will only come in when the water is...
  2. donnae

    Tcs Tote Bag

    Hi Everyone :hithere: I just wanted to share with you TheCatSite tote bag I received last week. I was very impressed with the size. It is much larger than I was expecting and so very cute! This picture is taken at the front door to help show the size. Absolutely love it! :heartshape: Thanks...
  3. donnae

    Video Upload Limits

    Hi, I've spent the last few days learning how to compile videos into an mp4 for the Hollywood video contest, but when I tried to upload the video to my gallery, the size is too big (114 MB). Only 25MB or less can be uploaded? Any way around this? Thanks
  4. donnae

    If I Fits, I Sits

    If I fit, I sit, just because I fit! Capt KitKat Jack wants to know where your cat fits to sit.
  5. donnae

    Cats Impersonating Bobcats

    Yea, we all want @basscat 's Gibs, that's no secret. But how does your cat live up to his wild side? Capt. KitKat Jack is working on his impersonations. Do you have a picture of your cat looking like his wild ancestors?
  6. donnae

    Using Baby Gates For Interactions With New Kitten

    Day 4 safe room. Major Tom Snickers has explored parts of the house while Capt. KitKat Jack is busy elsewhere. Jack has been fed all meals outside the saferoom door with a kitten scented blanket. Started using baby gates last night. Not sure what to make of this intetaction.
  7. donnae

    Any Advice For Introducing A New Kitten?

    We adopted a 3 mo old kitten, Major Tom Snickers, today and are just looking for advice on making a smooth transition with our resident cat, Capt. KitKat Jack (2yrs). The kitten is in a safe room and has had 2 short interactions with Jack. Jack had hissed both times, understandably. We will...
  8. donnae

    Announcing Our New Arrival

    Hershey Kisses & Capt. KitKat Jack would like to introduce Major Tom Snickers, a 3 month old blue tabby. Well, Hershey would like to introduce him, Jack isn't as happy.
  9. donnae

    Cat Selfies

    If your cat had opposable thumbs, what would its' selfie pictures look like? :camera: Capt. KitKat Jack thought it sounded fun and decided to give the camera a try.
  10. donnae

    Greetings From New York

    Hi, Capt. KitKat Jack & I joined yesterday. Stumbled across the site while looking for info on how to tell the difference between tabby or bengal markings. We adopted Jack from the local humane society just over a year ago when he was 10 months old. He loves playing with his bro, Hershey Kisses...