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  1. bradmph

    I'm losing my Friend and Family Member Cami

    Cami is a survivor that has strength no more. I need to tell his story and this is his. After having to let go of my first cat and friend of over 14 years, I was lost. The pain was so hard on my heart and the only recovery was to fill this void we had. We searched everywhere for that coupled...
  2. bradmph

    Hello, Meet Cami & Neko

    Cami & Neko flew by plane to us almost 2 years ago now from Ohio to Spokane WA. They are 2 of the most kind cats I have ever seen. Gentle, polite, loving, and the best parents that 6 baby kittens could of ever had. Cami & Neko and here are their 6 babies that were born on February 14th 2012...
  3. bradmph

    What is the breed of this amazing looking cat?

    I want one just like it, Male and Female if they are a solid breed of some kind.