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  1. synthia

    Claw looks infected :(

    Hi All, I noticed my cat not putting weight on her left paw every now and then. Today as I was I playing with her I was gently checking her paws and she growled and pulled paw. Upon further checking noticed it is infected..... I added 2 pics. Went to the pet store to get zymox topical cream...
  2. synthia

    Inflamed lower lip :(

    Hi all, SOS... I’m a little concerned because my 5yr old Manx cat has his lower lip swollen.... it’s not the first time it happens, maybe 3rd time. It usually goes away. He is eating, sleeping and playing like usual. Has anyone had this problem before with your fur babies? Thank you all...
  3. synthia

    Why Does My Cat Do This On My Leg At Night?

    My 2 yr old male started doing this about a month ago. It’s very funny and I let him do it, just wondering WHAT and WHY exactly he is doing this. He gently bites my feet as he is trying to get all 4s on my leg... he slips and slides but will keep doing for like 10 min. he even makes a deep...
  4. synthia

    2yr Old Coughed Blood At Night :(

    hi all, I’m a little worried bcs I heard my cat sneeze like 4-5 times last night but didn’t think much of it. He got up and ate dry food after that. When I woke up (he sleeps with me) I saw blood splattered on the comforter (pics attached) Of course I panicked. He seems fine, just not sure...
  5. synthia

    Sos! Cat Has An Injury! :(((

    Hi All, please help me. I came home and was with m 2 year n 1/2 cats. Nothing unusual and then saw this cut on my female baby. They both play wrestle and chase each other, mainly the other cat is the alpha. But can't make out how she got this. She is as energetic as always. It's almost 10pm. No...
  6. synthia

    How Much To Pay A Cat Sitter

    hi All, I travel bi-weekly for 3-4 days per week. How much would I all suggest I pay a cat sitter if they come twice a day for feedings? Also how long should they stay and pay with my babies? Thanks!!
  7. synthia

    Help my Kittens are fighting!

    I have a 10 mo old male who is very chill and a 9 mo female who has a lot of energy, both fixed. They have been together for 7 mos now. They like each other, are litter buddies and normally all is good. However, lately I keep noticing new tiny wounds on her nose... they rough play and chase...
  8. synthia

    Possible Bee sting

    Thank u for posting this question! I'm a new Kitten Mommy and love both my kitties. They both jump to catch flies and run a million miles an hour at home trying to catch them. I enjoy watching and must confess I sometimes open the door to let flies in for their entertainment (and mine!) Welllll...
  9. synthia

    Hello, have 2 kitties and look fwd to all the 411 from you all :)

    Hello, glad I found this site! I've always had dogs and it just so happened a friend in California adopted a 3 week Manx kitten. I went to visit and kitten came over to me and purred loud enough to where it was like a roar! Fell in love and flew him back to Texas with me!!! Named him Monkey...