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  1. catheetiem

    How to feed kitten after neuter?

    Good morning everyone! I've dropped my little guy off at the vet for his neuter, he should be coming home in a few hours! I will ask the vet this same question when I pick him up, but it is a curbside service and I don't actually interact with the vet, only an employee who brings the animals...
  2. catheetiem

    Kitten behavior/personality change

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well! I was wondering how to handle an apparent behavior change in my kitten. He is 14 weeks old, I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He was taken from a kill shelter down south and brought up to the shelter I adopted him from. When I first brought him home he was...
  3. catheetiem

    Orange cats and gingivitis?

    Good morning everyone, hope you're all well! Something had just popped into my head and I was looking to get you guys' opinions! I had always heard that orange cats were more likely to have dental issues, even heard the term "ginger-vitis" thrown around a few times 😝. It has rang true with my...
  4. catheetiem

    If a kitten with worms is wormed, will the worms be visible in stool?

    Lol let's see if I can fit the word "worm" into the title one more time 😜 So, my question is basically the title. If a kitten who has worms is wormed, will there be evidence of worms in its stool? I was concerned about possible worms in my 12 week old kitten but his fecal done 3 weeks ago was...
  5. catheetiem

    Kitten not eating? Advice please!

    Good morning everyone, I am sorry to be back here so soon asking for help! I adopted an 8/9 (estimated birthday 3/25/20) week old kitten from a shelter last weekend (came home Sunday 5/31) and he is now acting a little strangely. Since Saturday (6/6) he's had some issues eating and some...
  6. catheetiem

    Kitten name ideas? and some questions!

    Good morning everyone, hope your friday is going well! I just adopted an 8 week old kitten last weekend and I'm having trouble finding a good name for him, I was hoping you guys could help out! He's a light orange tabby with white feet, and he's your typical kitten. Likes play, runs around, and...