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  1. JulieHarr

    Black Cats Only

    Nubi decided my winter robe is too cozy not sleep on it. 😺
  2. JulieHarr

    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    Have a question about ginger cats. My cat Simon is a reddish copper color in summer. In winter his coat changes color to tan-ish beige. Do yours change color like that? This is him today with his beige coloring, since the weather has been cooler.
  3. JulieHarr

    The eyes have it! Let's see those pretty peepers!

    Simon's eyes melt my heart.
  4. JulieHarr

    Anyone have experience using AluSpray aerosol bandage?

    Thank you Tabbymom, good idea about the plastic sheet!
  5. JulieHarr

    Anyone have experience using AluSpray aerosol bandage?

    While waiting for the vet to call me back, thought I would ask all the cat people here. I was told to spray the wound twice a day for 10 days. Questions: 1. do I clean it before each spraying? If so, how do I clean it? 2. after it's healed, how do I clean the spray off his hair?
  6. JulieHarr

    Wounded cat

    ibrano15 - How did the AluSpray work for your kitty? My cat Simon has a wound and the vet sent him home with AluSpray.
  7. JulieHarr

    Wound care question

    Thank you!
  8. JulieHarr

    Wound care question

    Does anyone have experience with this? My cat has a small wound at the base of his tail where it attaches to the body. I put Mupirocin ointment on it and covered with a bandage. My question is, should I take the bandage off for a few hours a day to let it dry out?
  9. JulieHarr

    Cat crying nonstop because of moved furniture

    Love Feliway diffuser! Works great for kitty stress.
  10. JulieHarr

    Are my cats haunted?

    I can laugh about it today. I seem get intuitive pets sometimes. I had a dream about him and how much he needed me. Didn't take long to find him. He was not a well kitten and needed vet care at the beginning. I still miss his little cute self.
  11. JulieHarr

    Vet reccommend to let my cat stay in the clinic 2-3 days after spay. should i?

    Personally, if I can afford it, I leave them at vet. They might not be happy, yet they will get a medially trained care.
  12. JulieHarr

    Kitty and so much stress.

    Good to hear he is doing so well now. My cats have always been in/out cats, so no experience with an inside cat getting out.
  13. JulieHarr

    Antibiotic ointment?

    Thanks for letting me know about the Neosporin. It's not a stray, it's his brother Simon. They play tusssle and chew on each other. 🙄
  14. JulieHarr

    Antibiotic ointment?

    I'm using Neosporin on my cat Nubi's ears. They were lightly bitten and he made it worse by scratching. So now he is on house arrest with a cone. I'm using Neosporin pain, itch, scar ointment. And I shaved a little hair off. Does anyone know if I should be using a different type ointment? Do you...
  15. JulieHarr

    Introducing cat to greyhound

    What about crating the cat in a large wire crate in the house so they can sniff each other. Or put a screen door on a room door. They can see and smell each other but no touching. I've done this for two weeks, all the time watching how they interact with each other.
  16. JulieHarr

    Introducing cat to greyhound

    How they get along will depend on the Greyhound. At one time I had 2 greyhounds and 7 cats. Both hounds did not have a high prey drive. Inside the house, it was fine, np. Outside was different. I made sure there were cat holes in the fence just in case one of the hounds would decide to give...
  17. JulieHarr

    Are my cats haunted?

    Here is a little story about my cat Malachi (he passed away a couple years ago). I was holding him in my arms, in our house, getting ready to put him down on the floor. He was facing away from me looking forward. He suddenly froze looking at the air, then turned around, like to flee, and he...
  18. JulieHarr

    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    When you get slashed in the face because something startles your little precious while you are holding him. And you blame it on a evil spirit ghost that was taunting him.
  19. JulieHarr

    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    Cat needs surgery, vacation cancelled.