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  1. wealthy1

    Male Cat Humping Furry Throw

    Buddy will be 3 years old next month. When I first got him, he was neutered and it was confirmed by the vet. When I first got him I noticed that he would tried to hump his sister that lasted all of two weeks and I haven't had an issue since then. Well in the last two weeks, I noticed that he...
  2. wealthy1

    Is this UTI or wanting attention?

    I have two cats Buddy and Missy. Yesterday I had Buddy's teeth clean and he had two teeth removals. Buddy is a naturally affectionate cat so when he came home he was high as a kite and affectionate. No biggie. Because I had to pay attention to Buddy, outside of feeding Missy, I didn't pay...
  3. wealthy1

    High Calcium Levels

    I had a blood panel done on Missy so she can get her teeth clean. The results were good except for her calcium levels. According to the vet, 11.2 is the "normal" range and Missy was 12.9. I'm bringing her to the vet tomorrow to run more tests. Her kidney and urine levels were normal. Does...
  4. wealthy1

    Cat Ate Pencil

    Hello, Yesterday One (or both) of my two cats decided to eat half a colored pencil. Neither show signs of discomfort. I immediately gave them fur ball medicine and some pumpkin to help expel the items. Considering this is a wood pencil. I don't believe lead pencils are used anymore...
  5. wealthy1

    Cat Paw Problem?!

    Should I be concern? He has 3 paw pads like this.
  6. wealthy1

    Hairball Medicine

    What is a good hairball medicine?
  7. wealthy1

    Need Thoughts

    On Tuesday, Buddy ate a good piece of my tank top strap (wide and thick). I feed him some pumpkin and he had several bowel movements today. Well I was watching him to make sure there were no issues. However, he poop’d and it was hanging from his fanny. I calmed him down, he was rattle, and...
  8. wealthy1

    Both Cats Eat Random Things.....

    So I don’t know if its a nutrient deficiency or what. But both my cats will lick and eat non-food items. It went from cords to my bra straps to now my tank top. What can be done about this? I bought chewable toys, etc. But I can’t deter the behavior and I’m concerned about their health. Oh...
  9. wealthy1

    Cat Toy Recs For Chewers

    Missy and Buddy have a tendency to CHEW & EAT & LICK - EVERYTHING! They have consumed pieces of their toys - and my bra strap - and my cords, wires and even a piece of my sofa pillow......and Lord knows what else. Are there any cat toys that are tough enough to withstand my cats teeth? Im...
  10. wealthy1

    Cat Eating Carpet On Tree Condo

    My cats won’t stop eating the carp0et on the tree condo. Thankfully they pass whatever they eat. But I rather be proactive before it becomes costly or evenly deadly. I even poured lime juice over the area to deter this behavior its working but....... The below picture with the eaten out...
  11. wealthy1

    Kitten Poop

    I have two kittens that are about seven months old. Both of them are teething and is eating anything in sight. Recently one of them swallowed an 18 inch piece of thick string and poop it out. I don’t know which one did poop And neither is showing any abnormal behavior. However I am a little bit...
  12. wealthy1

    Cat Coughing

    Hello, Sorry if its been asked before. But my cat is coughing specifically when I give him the powder lysine, mixed in his food, I'm not sure if the two are related. Or if hes trying to cough up a hairball. But does anyone have in recommendations for hairball remedies or medicine? I want to...
  13. wealthy1

    Cat Toys

    Hi Everyone! My cats LOVES the yarn and Mylar balls. However, it’s dangerous if they digest it.......which they tend to do.......what similiar toys can I buy them? Please provide links or names of the toys, I can’t see pictures on this site.
  14. wealthy1

    Need Opinion

    I bought the Litter Robot for my kittens, due to my adverse hatred of cleaning the litter box. So maybe it was more for me. I’m on week 2 and my male cat (Orion) will use it and love the fact that it rotates. My girl cat (Missy) will only urinate in the box and not defecate.....unless she...
  15. wealthy1

    Kitten Swallow A Piece Of Yarn

    My kitten just swallowed a piece of yarn. It was about 3 inches in length. She seems fine, I made her drink some water. Should i take her to the vet?
  16. wealthy1

    5 Month Old Kitten Playing With Food

    I feed both wet and dry cat food to my kittens. They do eat the kibble and then a few minutes later they paw the food out of their bowls and plays with the kibble. (Imagine an intense soccer game). Is there anything I can do to prevent this behavior? I have kibble all over the place.
  17. wealthy1

    Need Suggestions....

    My kitties LOVE dry cat food! They eat any brand and drink plenty of water. However, I’m trying to get them to transition to wet cat food. I gave the some friskier with gravy they didn’t eat the meat but slurped up the gravy. Is there a way for me to incorporate the dry cat food they love...
  18. wealthy1

    Took Adopted Kitties To The Vet.....

    Orion and Missy Aerial has been sneezing for the last 2 weeks. According to the Vet its an upper respiratory infection. She said to continue to give them Lysine everyday and a probiotic. She thinks it’s hereditary....which is odd to me. There seems to be mixed views on the internet. Also...
  19. wealthy1

    I’m So Mad....

    I bought Dr. Elsey’s wet and dry cat food. These buzzards ate the wet cat food for two days straight! Now all of a sudden they won’t eat it anymore NOR are they eating the fancy feast they ate all of last week. The only thing they will eat is the Dr. Elsey’s kibble. I guess I just feed...
  20. wealthy1

    Kitten Bowel Movements

    My girl Missy Aerial isn’t popping. Her stomach feels a little hard. Today she sat in the litter box. I don’t think it’s anything severe, but is there a “home remedy” to help her?