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  1. elicat

    HELP hair stuck on cat's eye!

    I have a domestic long hair who is now 6 months old.  I noticed a hair on his eye a few weeks ago and just thought it would go away by itself. Now today it some bright light I noticed that the hair is still there. My partner and I used some saline and tried to wash it out but it didn't budge. ...
  2. elicat

    Scabs on kitten nose

    Noticed some irritated looking scabs on my new 8 week old kitten's nose yesterday, when we got him a week ago there was no evidence of them. He has been playing rough with my older 5 month old kitten so maybe it came from that? But I never found any wounds after their playing, I always...
  3. elicat

    HELP! Are my kittens fighting too rough?

    I have a 5 month old domestic rescue kitten who is wonderful, except for his biting habit (which the vet assured me was a phase kittens get) and last Saturday I adopted a 2 month old ragdoll kitten. Both of our kittens are male.  Now the ragdoll is about half the size of our domestic kitten, so...